Mar 15, 2024

Justice, Right On Schedule

Justice, Right On Schedule - sean

When Sean was in a car accident, he didn’t know how he’d be able to bring a court case.

It seemed like a normal day. Sean was stopped at a red light on his way home. The screech of car brakes behind him was the first sign that something was wrong. Suddenly, a car rear-ended him, jolting him forward and causing major damage to the car he had only owned for six months.

He had minor neck pain and a major car repair bill in front of him. Coincidentally, he and the driver who had rear-ended him had the same insurance. Sean was checked out at the ER and then phoned his insurance. They offered him a small settlement that he knew wouldn’t cover all his bills, especially if he had to miss work as a flight attendant. “What they offered, I just didn’t feel like was substantial,” Sean says.

Based on a friend’s recommendation, Sean called Morgan & Morgan. He was concerned because his career meant that he wasn’t regularly available to meet with an attorney during normal business hours—in fact, there was no guarantee he’d even be in the same state. With his schedule, could he still fight this in court?

“They made it very easy with my schedule,” Sean says. “Even with me being gone during that time frame, they still made it easy for me to be able to get in contact with them as well as getting documentation back and forth to them.” Sean and his attorney kept in touch via email, text, and the Morgan & Morgan app. He was able to communicate with his attorney in a way that was convenient and kept his case moving forward.

After Morgan & Morgan got involved in the case, Sean received a much better settlement for his injuries than the insurance company had initially offered. He was especially relieved when he was told that he didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket. “To hear them tell me that I didn’t have to worry about the cost and that everything was going to be paid out of my settlement, that made me feel so much better because that took a weight off,” he says.

When asked if he’d recommend Morgan & Morgan to his friends and family, Sean laughs. “I have!” he says. “I have an aunt that’s a flight attendant as well, and I recommended Morgan & Morgan to her after she had a car accident on her way home from work.” He reports that, while his aunt’s case is still ongoing, she appreciates the convenience and flexibility that Morgan & Morgan offers.

Life doesn’t stop just because you’ve been in an accident, and different people need to communicate in different ways. Sean is glad to put all this behind him, get back to his regular life, and catch his next flight.

“I was trying to make sure that I was going to have enough money to make sure that I was able to pay my bills.”