Mar 12, 2024

10-Year-Old Boy Killed by Garbage Truck in Queens

Garbage man on Garbage truck

After a four-hour fight for his life in the hospital, a 10-year-old Queens, New York, boy succumbed to his injuries after a sanitation truck ran him over on Jan. 7, the New York Daily News reported. The boy was walking to school with his 40-year-old mother just before 7 a.m. when the accident occurred. The two were crossing 57th Avenue near 97th Street in the borough’s Corona neighborhood when the trash truck exited a commercial driveway, hitting them, according to police. The truck struck both victims, knocking them over. While the boy was on the ground, the truck’s back tires rolled over his chest.

A witness of the accident ran into a nearby corner store to get paper towels in the hope of stopping the bleeding. Both the child, Srijan Panthi, and his mother, Mina Panthi, were taken to Elmhurst Hospital. The mother suffered leg injuries but was expected to survive. Initial reports that she may require an amputation were unfounded. Relatives were reluctant to tell her about the condition of her son.

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