West Virginia Labor Laws

It takes hard work to live comfortably; the average person spends 13 years and two months of their life on the job. Unfortunately, many workers are taken advantage of during this time.

The labor and employment attorneys at Morgan & Morgan can fight to get you the compensation you deserve if you’ve been harassed, discriminated against, or otherwise treated unjustly in the workplace. 

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Wage and Hour Violations

If you work in West Virginia, your employer is required to pay you “time-and-a-half” for overtime. That means you earn 1.5 times your normal pay rate for any hours worked beyond the standard 40-hour work week. If you make minimum wage ($8.75 per hour as of 2020), you would make $13.13 per hour for overtime shifts.

However, your employer doesn’t have to pay you overtime for working more than eight hours in a single day.

Workplace Harassment

There are two types of workplace harassment: quid pro quo and hostile work environment.

Quid Pro Quo

Latin for “something for something,” quid pro quo harassment occurs when an employer makes employment decisions based on what they’ll receive in return. One example would be if a manager were to offer an employee a raise in exchange for sexual favors. Quid pro quo harassment can also take place if a higher-up threatens punishment for rejecting sexual advances.

Hostile Work Environment

Certain behaviors may create a hostile work environment. For example:

  • Inappropriate touching or assault
  • Sexually charged comments or conversations
  • Making fun of someone’s race, religion, sexuality, body type, etc.
  • Vandalizing someone else’s work
  • Displaying sexually or racially charged imagery

This is not an exhaustive list of scenarios – if you’re being subjected to a hostile work environment, contact us.

Workplace Discrimination

Thanks to the West Virginia Human Rights Act, it is illegal for an employer to discriminate based on certain protected characteristics:

  • Race
  • Color
  • Religion
  • National Origin
  • Sex
  • Ancestry
  • Age (40 and older)
  • Blindness
  • Disability

No employee or applicant deserves to be discriminated against. Contact Morgan & Morgan if you believe your workplace rights have been violated.

Wrongful Termination

If you were dismissed from your job in violation of federal or state laws, you may have grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit. Contact us if you were fired for any of the following reasons:

  • Discrimination on the basis of race, religion, or another protected characteristic
  • Retaliation for filing a worker’s compensation claim or cooperating with an investigation into the business
  • Punishment for not doing something illegal on behalf of the business or employer
  • Punishment for exercising legal rights such as taking military leave, attending jury duty, or taking time off that you’re legally afforded

The sudden loss of your job can have serious implications for you and your family’s well-being. It’s our job to fight for full and fair compensation so you can get your life back on track.

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