Attorney When Should You Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer?

When Should You Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer?

No one ever plans on getting hurt, but accidents happen. If you were the victim in a car crash, motorcycle accident, slip and fall, or another incident, you might be wondering whether you should talk to a personal injury lawyer.

Here’s the truth: Hiring an attorney is your best chance to offset the significant costs associated with an injury. Doing so will allow you a better opportunity to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, emotional suffering, and other damages.

But not all attorneys and law firms are created equal. Hiring the right personal injury lawyer can mean the difference between financial recovery and ruin. With stakes this high, it’s critical that you put your trust in a law firm with a long track record of success. For more than 30 years, Morgan & Morgan has protected the rights of accident victims, winning more than $7 billion on their behalf.

So, when should you reach out to one of our attorneys to discuss your case?

As Soon as Possible
When it comes to obtaining legal representation for an injury, the general rule of thumb is the sooner, the better. A personal injury attorney can protect you against costly mistakes such as failing to document your injury, or revealing too much information to defense lawyers, claims adjusters, or even friends on social media. They can also guide you through convoluted legal procedures, consult with medical experts, and communicate with the insurance company. What’s more, you’re more likely to recall specific details about the accident if you consult an attorney shortly after it happens. Over time, memories and even evidence can fade.

Before the Statute of Limitations Expires
Every state has its own deadline to file a personal injury claim (typically two years after the date of the accident). The sooner you contact an attorney, the faster your legal team can begin filing a claim. Oftentimes the claims process is lengthy, particularly if the insurance company attempts to draw things out in hopes you’ll settle for less than your claim is worth. Why wait months when you can get started now?

When You’re Not Sure Who Was at Fault
If you’re not sure who might be liable for your injury, it’s important that you contact a personal injury attorney. Our legal experts are well-versed in identifying the responsible party in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, burn injuries, slip and falls, and countless other types of personal injuries.

Before You Sign Anything
If you speak to an insurance adjuster, chances are they will tell you that a personal injury lawyer isn’t necessary and that you can handle your claim on your own. But remember, insurance companies don’t have your best interest in mind – it’s their goal to get you to deal with them directly so you settle your claim for a fraction of what it’s really worth. Don’t sign anything before speaking with a personal injury lawyer, as doing so could hinder your chances of recovering the compensation you deserve.

The Morgan & Morgan Difference
If you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s imperative that you speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to maximize your chance of a favorable settlement or verdict. But keep in mind, all law firms are not the same. At Morgan & Morgan, we have a long history of getting results for our clients – just ask any of the more than 100,000 people we’ve helped achieve justice and financial stability.

We have the resources the little guys can’t match, and we treat every client like family. No matter the size of the insurance company, we’re ready, willing, and able to take them on. We don’t charge upfront or by the hour; our fee is just a fraction of the winnings we obtain for you.

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