Who Should I Call After a Ski Accident?

Who Should I Call After a Ski Accident?

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Who Should I Call After a Ski Accident?

As a skier, you have to make several important decisions each time you take to the slopes that protect you and everyone around you. You maintain safe speeds, take wide turns around obstacles, and stay within your ability to navigate the side of a hill or mountain. However, even the best intentions can go sideways when you ski.

If you suffered one or more injuries caused by a ski accident, you have to make several more decisions to determine the outcome of the personal injury incident. One of the most important decisions is to know the answer to the question, “Who should I call after a ski accident?” Calling a personal injury attorney should be a priority.

A personal injury lawyer determines whether negligence caused the injuries you suffered. After conducting an extensive investigation, your attorney helps you submit a persuasive insurance claim and if warranted, file a civil lawsuit seeking monetary damages. When you call a ski accident lawyer after an accident, you should schedule a free case evaluation to discuss your case.

Since 1988, the team of experienced personal injury lawyers at Morgan & Morgan has helped clients recover more than $7 billion in monetary damages. We help clients gather and organize the evidence they need to win a favorable legal judgment for just compensation. The highly skilled litigators from Morgan & Morgan answer the question, “Who should I call after a ski accident?” You should call your insurance company, as well as the representative from the ski patrol who completed the official incident report.

Schedule a free case evaluation with one of the highly-rated personal injury lawyers at Morgan & Morgan to learn more about who you must call after a ski accident.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • What Are the Steps to Take After a Ski Accident?

    The steps you take after a ski accident determine whether you receive approval for an insurance claim and/or win a favorable legal judgment for monetary damages. Some of the steps you take after a skiing accident involve calling the right individuals and organizations that can help you build a strong case for proving the negligence committed by one or more other parties.

    Call Ski Patrol

    Most ski resorts print the number of ski patrols on the maps that skiers use to navigate the slopes. If you got involved in a ski accident, the first phone call to make is to the ski patrol office. However, if you suffered serious or even life-threatening injuries, either you or someone nearby should call 911 for immediate medical assistance. If you need emergency help, members from the closest law enforcement agency conduct an investigation to determine the cause of the accident. When the ski patrol responds, representatives from the group conduct an investigation as well.

    Regardless of which group conducts an investigation, the outcome should be the release of an incident report that includes the evidence collected at the scene of the ski accident.

    Take Photos of the Accident Scene

    Although an incident report submitted by ski patrol or law enforcement represents the official version of events, you should collect evidence in case the investigative team missed something. You want to focus on the ski impressions made at the scene of the accident. Ski impressions can demonstrate whether another skier committed an act of negligence by recklessly skiing. You also should shoot photos of any objects that might have caused the ski accident.

    Before you receive medical care, you want to take photos of your injuries to prove you are a victim of a ski accident.

    Talk With Witnesses

    You do not have to interview the witnesses of the skiing accident. What you need to do involves writing down the names and contact information for each witness. The legal counsel you hire to represent you before your insurance company and the judge that hears a civil lawsuit will interview the witnesses as soon as possible after the incident that caused you harm. The sooner the better when it comes to interviewing witnesses to ensure your attorney gets the most accurate information concerning your case.

    Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

    Now we get to the most important step that answers the question, “Who should I call after a ski accident.” Even if you suffered only minor injuries, you still have to pay for medical expenses and the damage done to your skiing gear and equipment. Meeting with a personal injury attorney for a free case evaluation establishes the course of legal action you should take to recover financial losses.

  • What Questions Do I Ask When I Call a Ski Accident Attorney?

    One of the reasons why you want to schedule a free case evaluation with one of the experienced ski accident attorneys from Morgan & Morgan is to get answers to your questions. However, you should ask a few questions over the phone before you attend the free case evaluation.

    What Do You Charge for Legal Fees?

    The answer to this question should be on a contingency fee basis. A majority of personal injury lawyers do not charge upfront legal fees. Instead, they claim a percentage of the amount of money awarded for monetary damages. A contingency fee typically runs between 25 percent and 40 percent, depending on the type and complexity of a personal injury case.

    Do You Have Experience Litigating Ski Accident Cases?

    You want to hire a personal injury attorney who has experience litigating ski accident cases. Handling a ski accident case is different than handling an auto accident case. For example, proving negligence is more difficult for ski accident cases. An experienced ski accident lawyer understands skiing safety protocols, as well as the rules established by the skiing venue where you suffered your injuries.

    Will You Handle My Case From Start to Finish?

    The short answer to this question should be yes. Some personal injury attorneys that handle ski accident cases delegate responsibilities to less experienced peers, such as paralegals and junior attorneys. You want to work with legal counsel that provides legal support for you from the day of the free case evaluation to the favorable legal judgment issued by the judge hearing your civil lawsuit.

    What Do You Want Me to Do Next?

    The personal injury lawyer from Morgan & Morgan who takes your first phone calls will explain what you need to do before attending the free case evaluation. You should learn what evidence you need to bring to the initial meeting, as well as a request for you to complete a report that explains your version of events. You must meet deadlines during the legal process, which your attorney describes to you during the first phone call.

    Who Should I Call After a Ski Accident?

    Before you hang up with one of our ski accident lawyers, you should ask, “Who should I call next.” Your attorney might ask you to contact your healthcare provider to schedule a meeting with your lawyer. Maybe your legal counsel recommends getting in touch with your insurance company. Some personal injury litigators ask potential clients to hold off calling their insurance companies until after a free case evaluation.

  • What Factors Should I Consider When Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney?

    After you learn who to call after a ski accident, the next step of the legal process is to discover the factors that make a successful personal injury lawyer. You should search for a state-licensed litigator to represent you in the state where you suffered the injuries. For example, if you suffered injuries at a Wisconsin ski resort but you live in Chicago, you must work with a Wisconsin-licensed personal injury lawyer.

    Prove Record of Success

    Years of experience matter, but only if the experience includes winning legal judgments for clients. You also want legal counsel that has experience negotiating favorable settlements. The goal of your legal representation should be to get you the money you deserve without having to go through the costly and time-consuming litigation process. You can learn more about a litigator’s record of success by speaking with former clients and reviewing some of the cases the  attorney has litigated.

    Open Line of Communication

    Responsive communication is key to ensuring you and your legal counsel remain on the same page throughout the legal process. Your personal injury attorney should return emails and phone calls promptly. Yes, your lawyer will have other legal obligations, but that does mean you should be shut out of the communication loop. You can determine how responsive a personal injury lawyer is by leaving a message or two before you decide whether to schedule a free case evaluation.

    Online Reviews

    Online client reviews can give you another indication of the record of success established by each of the litigators on your shortlist. Read the reviews left on sites such as Yelp and Google to learn more about a personal injury attorney. What you want to see is a pattern of positive reviews that emphasize the same points. For Morgan & Morgan, that means you should see words like integrity, transparency, and skilled negotiator. Not only do we shine in the eyes of our clients, but the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has awarded Morgan & Morgan its highest reputation rating of A+.

  • How Do I Find the Right Ski Accident Lawyer for Me?

    Now that you know the factors that make an outstanding personal injury litigator, what resources do you access to find the right ski accident lawyer?


    Networking with trusted friends and family members might save you considerable time in your search for the best legal representation. If you do not receive any recommendations from the members of your inner circle, reach out to neighbors and professional peers. If you know any attorneys, maybe one of them knows an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in litigating ski accident cases.

    State Bar Association

    Every state bar association has a website that offers a rich resource for potential clients to learn more about state-licensed lawyers. You want to access the page that directs you to a large database of attorneys that practice law in the state where you live. Many states call this page “Find a Lawyer.” Click the link and input criteria into the search box to find lawyers that represent clients that suffered injuries because of a ski accident.

  • Contact Morgan & Morgan

    The faster you act, the sooner you will get a resolution to your ski accident case. One of the personal injury attorneys at Morgan & Morgan guides you through the legal process to get you the compensation you deserve. Learn the answer to the question, “Who should I call after a ski accident?” by scheduling a free case evaluation with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers.

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