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Food Poisoning Attorneys in Dallas, Texas (TX)

Dallas Food Poisoning


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Dallas Food Poisoning

Food-borne illness is far more common than most people suspect. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the condition strikes 1 in 6 Americans every year. Thousands die on an annual basis, and many more experience extreme physical pain — which may continue to cause suffering years later. Often, this hardship is entirely preventable. While there is no way to erase the pain caused by negligence-based food poisoning, those willing to navigate the legal system can fight to hold the responsible parties accountable. Dallas food poisoning attorneys can play a key role in this important fight.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Common Causes of Food Poisoning: When Negligence Plays a Role

    A variety of circumstances can prompt food poisoning. Negligence is often at play, with many businesses failing to abide by standards of reasonable care. Those that neglect to follow established hygienic standards place the health and safety of their customers and employees at risk.  The following are just a few examples of situations in which negligence may lead to food poisoning:

    • Use of unclean utensils or equipment in meal preparation
    • Failure of kitchen staff to wash hands 
    • Neglect in storing food at proper temperatures
    • Breach of implied warranty, leading to food contamination
  • How a Food Poisoning Lawyer Can Help

    Food poisoning cases are inherently complicated. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to prove the role of negligence in food poisoning. This is true even when facilities are clearly in violation of hygienic standards. To succeed in a food poisoning lawsuit, you will need to prove not only that you ate contaminated food but also that a business engaged in negligent practices leading to contamination — and that the contaminated food (and not some other cause) prompted your suffering. Pinpointing exactly what made you sick can prove tricky. Your case may be even more complicated if there was a significant delay between consuming the food and exhibiting symptoms. The link between contaminated food and your illness may be easier to prove if your symptoms coincided with a larger outbreak. As the complications outlined above suggest, food poisoning cases are not worth taking on alone. By working with a Dallas food poisoning lawyer, you can dramatically improve your chances of emerging with a successful case outcome. Your attorney can help you determine how negligence may have played into your condition — and whether damages may be within reach. With your lawyer's help, you may be able to secure compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, or emotional duress. In cases involving extreme recklessness, punitive damages may also be available.

  • Morgan & Morgan: A Food Poisoning Lawyer Dallas Residents Respect

    The attorneys of Morgan & Morgan have a strong track record in several types of personal injury cases — including food poisoning lawsuits. Over the years, our team has recovered over $15 billion on behalf of our valued clients. We will advocate aggressively and tirelessly to give you the greatest chance to achieve justice. If you're ready to get started, contact our Dallas food poisoning attorneys today to arrange for a free case evaluation.

Last updated on Apr 28, 2023