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Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Chicago

Have you been injured at work in Chicago? Regardless of the industry in which you work, there is a strong chance that you may be covered by Illinois workers’ compensation laws. As a workers’ compensation attorney in Chicago can tell you, it is very important to recognize all the ways that your life might be changed after a workplace accident or the development of an illness associated with your workplace.

Getting hurt on the job has the potential to alter your life immediately and for the foreseeable future. That’s why you need a workers’ comp lawyer who knows how the law works and what you can do to get the benefits you need to pay for your ongoing treatments and other expenses.

Consulting with an Illinois workers’ comp lawyer is crucial for determining your next steps and protecting your interests, especially when there's substantial damages on the line—or if you have already submitted a workers’ comp claim and it has been denied. 

Workers who are protected by workers’ comp have the right to recover financial compensation with or without the help of an attorney when they've been injured on the job or developed an illness tied to their position. Anyone in these situations should consult with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Chicago right away to protect their legal right to recover compensation. Workers’ compensation laws can be very complicated, and it is not always easy to navigate this process to get the compensation you need.

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  • What Kinds of Accidents That Can Contribute to Workers’ Comp Injuries?

    Workers’ comp injuries can happen in any injury in any industry and for any person within a company. Even someone walking by a construction site to get to an administrative position at that company could be seriously injured on the job. Vehicle accidents can happen, fires and explosions, falling objects, scaffolding accidents, and so many more. Someone who is exposed to strange substances on the job such as asbestos, or other known toxins can develop long-term and painful illnesses. All of these represent a substantial change to the worker's life and their ability to earn a living, so Illinois workers’ comp law enables these employees to recover compensation by filing a timely claim. 

    One of the most important things that an injured or ill employee must do immediately after an incident is to inform their employer about the accident. Failing to notify your employer immediately about the incident could bar you from recovering the compensation you need. 

    You should also attend any and all medical appointments scheduled for you on behalf of the workers’ comp insurance or your employer's physician. You do still maintain the right to visit with your own physician for care, but you should not do so at the expense of missing out on attending important appointments, treatment, meetings, and more with a workers’ comp doctor. This is because the workers’ comp doctor's records will be used to determine whether or not you've sustained a workplace injury and will be a substantial part of the evidence used to approve or deny your claim.

  • Do I Have to Prove Fault to Get Workers’ Comp Benefits?

    Illinois workers’ comp is a no-fault law, meaning that it is not your responsibility as a victim to show that anyone was negligent if you are harmed on the job.

  • Do I Have to Pay Out of Pocket Expenses?

    If you need medical treatment for an illness or injury associated with your workplace, 100% of your care should be paid for. No out-of-pocket expenses or co-pays should apply.

  • What Will I Have to Pay an Attorney?

    If your case is denied and you need to move forward with an appeal, many people choose to work with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Chicago to increase their chances of success. At Morgan & Morgan, our Fee Is Free until we win. That means that our firm works on a contingency fee basis and is only paid after a successful recovery of compensation.

  • Can My Employer Discriminate Against Me?

    If you've been hurt on the job, your employer cannot discriminate against you, such as demoting you or making other threats against you.  Retaliation against employees who have been hurt in workplace accidents is illegal, and this may prompt you to open a separate lawsuit with the help of your workers’ comp lawyer in Chicago. If you're already dealing with these consequences, make sure that you discuss the benefits of your case with your attorney and the concerns you have around retaliation and other negative actions your employer might have taken. There is a lot at stake with a workplace accident, so make sure you have consulted with a qualified lawyer as soon as you can after you've been hurt.

    At Morgan & Morgan, we know that this can easily feel like too much to think about, but it's also why we rely on our own experience to  help you file for the benefits you need. You are not alone in this process. We'll be there to help you present the right evidence to show why you deserve to get workers' comp benefits and any associated long-term ratings for permanent injuries. 

  • What if My Claim Gets Denied?

    Sadly, many people see that their workers' comp claim is denied right off the bat. Know that this does not mean that your case is over. If your claim gets denied, your case is not over. In fact, you might be able to work with an attorney to file a claim as soon as you receive the denial. Your lawyer might also be able to tell you more about why your initial case was denied and what evidence can support your claim. 

    If you're injured because of an accident or you're helping a family member who has survived such an incident, you deserve to know what to expect and how to support your claim from day one. Your new schedule is filled with doctor's visits and reminders to take medicine, so you don't need to worry about making sure the paperwork on your workers' comp forms is right. Turn these tasks over to a qualified workers' comp lawyer in Chicago. Your attorney will move your case forward and help keep you up to date about what's happening. 

    If your claim is denied, time is of the essence because you'll need to appeal as soon as you can. You can't ignore this situation or give up. Contact Morgan & Morgan today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to learn more about your options.

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