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What City in Florida Has the Most Car Accidents?

What City in Florida Has the Most Car Accidents?

What City in Florida Has the Most Car Accidents?


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What City in Florida Has the Most Car Accidents?

When you're curious about what city in Florida has the most car accidents, you should first know that any location and any type of road could have a car accident on it. 

For example, many people underestimate the serious risk of injury in rural locations. Dangerous roads and cities all over Florida could put you at risk for an accident, even when you have properly maintained your car, are following all road rules, and are driving safely. 

Statistically, however, some Florida cities have a higher number of reported accidents per year on average.

It is important to note that if you or a loved one is ever involved in such a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, you should seek medical treatment immediately, and shortly thereafter you can speak with Morgan & Morgan. When you or someone in your family has been seriously hurt because of another person's actions, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. We can help.

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Florida Accident Facts 

There are around 400,000 vehicle accidents in Florida every single year. This breaks down into a few different types of personal injury accidents, including motorcycle crashes, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents. 

Unfortunately, far too many of these incidents lead to fatalities with over 3,600 people dying each year and more than 160,000 people seriously getting hurt. 

Which City in Florida Has the Most Car Accidents?

There are a few different ways to explore the most dangerous cities in Florida. In fact, in 2021, almost 10% of all accidents in Florida happened in Miami. 

When expanding to the broader level of the county, Miami-Dade County in Florida is home to approximately one-third of all vehicle accidents in all of Florida across 2021. With double the population, many people may be surprised to realize that the second most dangerous city for vehicle accidents in Florida is Jacksonville. In 2021, the city of Jacksonville was home to nearly 32,000 vehicle accidents, causing almost 100 fatalities and hundreds of injuries. The city with the third highest number of vehicle accidents that same year was Tampa. 

A total of 79 people suffered fatal injuries in Tampa, and 227 people were critically injured across nearly 17,000 vehicle accidents. Unsurprisingly, these three cities are also at the top of the list for most traffic fatalities. 

The next two cities in line for dangerous levels of car accidents in Florida are Orlando and St. Petersburg. Many people may expect that Orlando would be at the very top of the list for most dangerous vehicle accidents in Florida due to its population density and popularity as a tourist destination. However, as these statistics show, accidents can and do happen anywhere. In order to compare one location to another, various data is gathered from cities across Florida. 

To eliminate the possibility of problems with traffic accident statistics, we can use an accident rate that examines the number of crashes that happen for every 100,000 residents. This gives an overall likelihood statistic for someone getting involved in a car accident in that location. Miami again comes in first place with an extremely high accident rate. There are approximately 8,400 vehicle accidents for every 100,000 residents, meaning that a person driving through Miami has over an 8% chance of being involved in a crash during any one year. When exploring the statistics at this level, the city with the second highest accident rate is Lake City. 

They are home to approximately 7,000 vehicle accidents for every 100,000 people living there. With only 12,000 residents, there are sometimes as many as 800 traffic accidents every year. The city of Fort Lauderdale comes in third in terms of comparisons with the highest accident rate in Florida. When compared with population levels of other towns and cities across the state, it comes in 10th place, but it has a substantial number of traffic accidents given that population.

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  • What to Do if You Get Involved in a Florida Accident?

    Whether you're driving through the state of Florida, are on vacation, or living in Florida, it is very important to understand what to do if you get involved in an accident. Most people involved in serious vehicle accidents in Florida were not anticipating to find themselves in that situation and may have numerous questions about what to do. If the accident was someone else’s fault, then you may need to seek the help of an experienced lawyer. As the car accident lawyers at Morgan & Morgan can tell you, it is vital to collect information from your accident as soon as it happens to help your case. 

    Florida has very strict laws about filing a lawsuit in a timely fashion and failing to comply with the statute of limitations may block you from the compensation to which you would otherwise be entitled. There may be a tremendous amount at stake when you have been seriously injured in an accident, and a lawyer can help you organize the evidence you need to submit for a lawsuit. 

    Filing a lawsuit may require you to verify that your injuries are severe enough to exceed the personal injury protection coverage in Florida. In Florida, you are required to firstly go through your personal injury protection coverage to pay for any injuries from an accident regardless of who was at fault. 

    However, in most severe accidents, like those that occur in some of the most dangerous crash cities in Florida, you may have medical bills that go well beyond the $10,000 cap. Because of these substantial medical bills, hiring a car accident lawyer like an attorney working at Morgan & Morgan gives you a better chance to recover compensation to cover other expenses.

  • What Kinds of Damages Are Available?

    Regardless of the kind of injuries you have sustained in an accident, if you have medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses directly connected to being involved in this accident, you may be able to recover these forms of compensation in a lawsuit. Each case is unique, which is why working with an experienced attorney can help. At Morgan & Morgan, we sit down with prospective clients for an initial case evaluation and talk them through some of the perceived challenges you may face in the case. 

    We also will begin gathering evidence and talk to you about how these cases typically resolve. It may come as a surprise to you that the vast majority of cases involving a car accident lawyer are resolved outside of court. This is because insurance companies and other parties involved in these suits typically want to avoid the uncertainty and headache of going to court. They may lose substantially in court which can cause even greater problems for them. For this reason, they may come up with a total settlement amount that they're willing to pay you in a lump sum to conclude the case. You should always be very careful, however, when reviewing or signing any settlement offer, as you may be waiving other rights in your case.

  • What if I Have Permanent Injuries?

    Many different factors influence the potential outcome of your personal injury case, including whether or not you will ever fully recover from your injuries. Some people who have permanent disabilities or other long-lasting medical conditions may be entitled to additional compensation. It is imperative that you hire the right car accident lawyer to tell this story in court and to put you in the best possible position to recover compensation. If you have been severely injured, do not underestimate the impact this can have on your life.

  • Does My Case Have to Go to Court?

    Most personal injury cases get filed at the state level after someone has been seriously hurt. In Florida, you'll have to exceed your existing personal injury protection coverage in order to tap into a personal injury claim beyond PIP. Most people exceed PIP coverage when they have thousands of dollars in medical and other bills from the accident. This is when you can hire a Morgan & Morgan lawyer to open a legal claim for your injuries. If you have substantial or permanent injuries, this might be the only way for you to cover the current bills as well as get protection for your future treatments. 

    Although most cases do resolve outside of court in settlement conversations, Morgan & Morgan lawyers prepare each case as if it's going to trial. This is because, if settlement conversations are unsuccessful, we can then turn to our trial strategy and make a strong case in court. We know that it can be overwhelming to deal with all aspects of your claim on your own, especially since settlement may be a factor. In plenty of legal claims, we've seen the other side present low settlement offers that wouldn't fully cover the victim's future payments. It's a big mistake to accept a settlement offer that doesn't pay for all your current and future costs because, once you sign that paper, you waive your future rights to get compensation. 

    We look at all the details in your case from the beginning to see what kinds of factors might be at play. We use that to total up what we think your case is worth, and that gives us a starting point for all of your claims. We know at that point when we go into discussions with the other side if what they have presented is fair enough and we have evidence to show why a low settlement offer just doesn't make sense for your needs. 

  • Contact Morgan & Morgan if You’ve Been Injured

    You now know what city in Florida has the most car accidents, but you may not know where to turn after you’ve been involved in an accident yourself. Morgan & Morgan is the largest personal injury law firm in the nation, with over $15 billion recovered for our clients and over 800 attorneys in our network. You can depend on us to fight for your full and fair compensation so that you can get the means to move forward with your life.

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Last updated on Apr 27, 2023