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Insurance Claim Dispute Lawyers in Birmingham, AL - insurance policy papers

Insurance Claim Dispute Lawyers in Birmingham, AL

Birmingham Insurance Claims

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Birmingham Insurance Claims

For victims of injury or property loss, a protracted battle with an Alabama insurance company is a frequent occurrence. Some insurers even fight their own policyholders. After years of faithfully paying your insurance premiums, you may get tossed aside by your insurance company so they can save a little money. Many states, including Alabama, have enacted special laws designed to curb this type of behavior.

You need an attorney who understands the nature of insurance claims, and how best to fight against the companies that deny them. Birmingham is structured on its legacy of steel manufacturing and distribution, as well as a new focus on banking. Birmingham is also being revitalized as a cultural center. These instances could play a role in requiring you to file an insurance claim, however, whether for damaged property, an injury, or more At Morgan & Morgan, our insurance dispute attorneys have significant experience helping clients recover benefits to which they were entitled.

Your insurance company may have immense resources that make it difficult to challenge their decisions on your policy. However, we are one of the largest personal injury firms in the country, with the resources to go toe-to-toe with even the largest insurance companies. Contact us today to learn how one of our attorneys may be able to help you.

What Bad Faith Means

Bad faith is a claim made against an insurer for their behavior, which can involve any number of activities, including:

  • Ignoring claims or other communications for policyholders
  • Denying claims without conducting an investigation
  • Misrepresenting the coverage the insured's policy provides
  • Failing to provide a basis for claims denial
  • Failing to promptly inform the insured that additional information is needed to adjust a claim
  • Denying a claim or failing to promptly adjust a claim without a reasonable basis

Bad Faith in Alabama

Insurance companies in Alabama are assumed to operate on the principle of good faith, meaning they will deal with you fairly and honestly in response to a claim. Unfortunately, many insurance companies in Alabama and elsewhere skirt this line. To prove bad faith in Alabama, an insured individual’s attorney must prove that a denial was intentionally made.

Many circumstances could lead to bad faith. For Birmingham, this might mean houses or boats that caught fire, medical treatments that went awry, or water damage to your car after heavy rain, and your insurance company doesn’t want to pay.

Hire a Competent Birmingham Insurance Claim Attorney

Alabama has complex laws regarding bad faith, and they may be difficult to understand if you are not well versed in them. An experienced attorney will know the laws and can help you hold your insurance company responsible for what they rightfully owe you.

At Morgan & Morgan, our insurance dispute lawyers have the requisite experience to navigate any valid insurance dispute claim. If you think you were the victim of bad faith, Birmingham attorneys know the ins and outs of bad faith and have effectively proven it in court numerous times, maximizing the compensation our clients receive.

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Last updated on Apr 26, 2023