Workers Compensation

Do I have to use the physician my employer chooses?

It depends. In some states, you may go to a doctor of your choosing for your initial visit. In others, you must see a doctor from your employer’s approved list (except in cases of emergency). If you want to request a change of physician, it again depends on your state.

In some cases, the workers’ compensation insurance agency may require that you undergo an Independent Medical Exam (IME) conducted by a doctor of its choice. This is a red flag for you to contact a Morgan & Morgan attorney immediately.

Contrary to their name, IMEs are rarely truly objective. Insurance companies often require an IME when there’s a dispute about your treatment, and when they don’t like the diagnosis determined by your regular doctor. Doctors on companies’ approved lists for IMEs have often proved to give diagnoses favorable to the insurance company. In some states, you may be able to challenge the IME report and see a physician of your choosing. Our workers’ compensation attorneys will fight for you to get a fair diagnosis.