Class Actions

What are the advantages of joining a class action lawsuit?

If you have limited time and financial resources, a class action lawsuit may be the only viable way to receive the compensation you deserve.

Here are some advantages of joining a class action lawsuit:

  • No lawyer fees.
  • If the case is successful, attorneys are usually paid out of the recoveries.
  • Efficiency.
  • One court, one judge, one decision. The process is streamlined and far less stressful to you.
  • Opportunity to recover small damages .
  • It may not pay to hire a lawyer and go to court for minor damages, even if you suffered. But in class actions, the brunt of responsibilities is off your shoulders, and you only stand to benefit.
  • Uniform judgments and compensation.
  • When a defendant faces multiple lawsuits, the outcome of one lawsuit may affect another, and plaintiffs who file earlier may receive more compensation. Class actions provide a common standard.

You don’t need to stand alone. Bolster your case with an experienced attorney and other people who have experienced similar harm.