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Building Lawyers

Building Lawyers

Building Lawyers

Building lawyers provide essential services to people involved in construction projects, from homeowners and building owners to construction managers and materials distributors. These projects are often complex, as many parties have obligations to one another. There’s an expectation that the job will be done right and on time. In exchange, it’s expected that the work will be paid in full.

From planning to completion, the attorneys at Morgan & Morgan represent those involved in construction projects who need legal assistance in resolving disputes. We also fight on behalf of injury victims who have been hurt due to someone’s negligence in a building project. Here are some ways our legal experts can help you.

Recover Compensation for a Building Code Violation Injury

Every property owner is required to follow safety codes in building new structures. Failure to do so can leave everyone — from workers to tenants — in peril. Local and state governments implement standards that oversee the design and construction of buildings. These guidelines include general building codes such as door height clearances and acceptable construction materials. They also outline mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fuel codes, among other rules and regulations. Building code violations may include:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Poor lighting
  • Damaged stairwells
  • Poorly lit exit signs
  • Lack of functional fire escapes
  • Defective Elevators
  • Inadequate fire protection

If it can be proved that the negligent party owed you a duty of care, breached their duty of care, and that their breach caused you harm, you may be able to collect significant compensation for your injury.

Sue a Builder for Breach of Contract

Construction contracts are agreements that dictate how a construction project will be completed and the date when it will be finished. Each party is responsible for following the terms set in the agreement, and failure to do so can lead to a lawsuit.

If, for example, you signed a contract with a builder for a new home, it’s incumbent upon both of you to follow the terms set in the agreement. Assuming you have held up your part of the deal, you may be able to recover financial compensation if the other party has not. This requires establishing a few details:

  • A legally binding contract was signed by both parties.
  • You have held up your end of the arrangement.
  • The other party has failed to meet their obligations (known as breach of contract).
  • You suffered a financial loss due to their breach.

A lawyer for building issues can evaluate the strength of your case and potentially help you recover significant damages.

Draft a Fair Contract

Construction lawyers can also help with drafting contracts and settling disputes. They can:

  • Review proposals and offer advice
  • Negotiate provisions in contracts
  • Prepare modifications to contracts that allocate risks and responsibilities more fairly
  • Resolve disputes through litigation
  • File lawsuits on behalf of the victim in a breached contract

Contact a Building Lawyer at Morgan & Morgan

Whether you were injured due to a building code violation, stiffed by a contractor, or just need some help putting together an airtight construction contract, the building dispute lawyers at Morgan & Morgan can help. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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