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Even if you walked away from your car accident with minor scrapes and bruises, the financial stress and emotional damage stemming from the accident can continue to cause problems for years to come.

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Car Accident Lawsuit Process

Medical Examination

After you’re injured, you need medical attention. Your medical professional should take careful note of your injuries during this time. Because of the severity of car accidents, some injuries are internal and hard to identify. It is crucial to determine all injuries so your compensation reflects the accident accordingly.


Once you’ve found an attorney you can trust, it is up to them to gather evidence relevant to your case. Some examples of evidence include:

●  Eyewitness interviews

●  Video/photographs of the accident scene

●  Accident reports/medical records

●  Expert consultation

Creating a Demand Letter

 After gathering evidence, your attorney will create a comprehensive list of your injuries and damages, including any future damages that you may face. Then, they will craft a demand letter that will be sent to the at-fault party’s insurance provider. This will outline your injuries, show why the other party is negligent, and request compensation.

Negotiation and Litigation

If a settlement is reached by the insurance company, it is your attorney’s responsibility to determine if the compensation is fair. Insurance companies have been known to lowball their settlements, which we don’t stand for.

We’re the largest personal injury firm in the U.S. — that means that we have the resources to get you the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies see how hard we fight for our clients and will pay out larger settlements rather than fight a losing battle against us in court.

Types of Damages

 When dealing with car accident lawsuits, the most common types of damages to be recovered are:

  Pain and suffering

  Past and future medical expenses

  Lost wages

  Loss of earning capacity (if the injuries sustained prevent an individual from earning the same amount or prevents them from returning to work entirely)

  Funeral expenses (in the event of a wrongful death) 

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