Justice for Pattricia: Their Morgan & Morgan Story

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I was in a hit and run accident about a year ago. The driver fled the scene and left their vehicle behind and then I turned around and found out that they stole the vehicle and we ended up going after them and pressing charges. I did a years worth of therapy afterwards. I ended up going to the hospital and from there, I called the attorneys. I called, talked to Bonnie, which is one of the legal representatives and she directed me what was the next step. From there, I started filing the paperwork to hire Morgan & Morgan as my attorney. I did get a couple of consultations, but at the time I really didn't like the way that they were telling me that there was not much they could do. Then when the Morgan & Morgan attorneys stepped up and told me, "Well, there's something we can do." I was like, "Well, let's give it a shot." They would call me every week and ask me how I was doing. They kept up with the doctors and made sure that everything was going correctly. They made sure I was seeking therapy. They talked to me constantly on a constant basis. They were always sending me letters in the mail. Really, they became a little more like a family. I was actually really excited. It was a nice relief to be able to cover all the medical expenses and be able to cover, not being able to work for some time. Morgan & Morgan focused on me as an actual person, not a number in a book.