An Eye For Trial


At Morgan & Morgan, we won’t settle just because it’s easy. We strive to get you your day in court, because making your voice heard before a jury of your peers can make all the difference in your fight for justice.

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Trial law gives us kind of a unique opportunity to advocate for somebody maybe would not be able to exercise your rights, or be able to get the justice they need for what they’ve been through. Being able to stand up and have a presence in a court room and speak the truth for your client has such an effect on their sense of justice in the world and their sense of feeling like they did get their day in court. When your cilent comes to you with their life situation and you’re able to really help them out and you’re in an ethos that’s just not afraid to fight. Feels amazing to know that you helped communicate to 6 or 12 strangers that - what happened to your client - and have them all agree that your client deserves justice. And we go to trial all the time, which is one of the great things about the firm; is that we will go to court. We’re not here to just settle cases. And the reason that we prepare every case for trial is because we want the best results for our clients.