Student Brutally Attacked By Georgia Police Officers


Morgan & Morgan client Demetrius Hollins was brutally attacked by two Gwinnett County police officers after being pulled over for a missing license plate (it was in the back window).

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Student Demetrius Hollins was brutally assaulted by two police officers. Sgt. Michael Bongiovanni allegedly pulled him over for a missing license plate (it was in the back window). While Demetrius had both his hands up, the officer punched him in the face. As Demetrius is handcuffed and on the ground, Office Robert McDonald stomps on his head. Demetrius Hollins: "Media outlets still report that drugs were involved. For the record, there were none. My license was not suspended. My vehicle was properly registered and insured. I am a law-abiding citizen whose rights were repeatedly violated." Both officers were fired the next day. All charges filed against Demetrius have been dropped. 89 cases involving these officers have been dismissed. Morgan & Morgan, representing Demetrius Hollins, is asking for a thorough investigation into the records of the two officers, including disciplinary records, and mental and psychological fitness. A criminal investigation is in progress.