No Greater Honor | Attorney Keith Mitnik


Senior Trial Attorney Keith Mitnik talks about why he loves being a lawyer.

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There is no honor greater than to have somebody else who can’t stand up for themselves, alone, ask you to stand up for them. I mean, it’s just, there’s something about it. They picked me to stand up for them when they couldn’t stand up for themselves against a big hospital, a big corporation, a cigarette company. Whoever it is, it’s just not someone most people could, on their own, stand up for. It’s not that they’re weak. It’s just not - they don’t have what it takes to stand up in that arena. To say, “well you do it for me.” And to stand up for them, and fight for them, and to do it with skill to where the other side wishes you weren’t there. And your client knows it. And you can see the dignity in your client rise up and they say, “That’s my lawyer getting up and doing that.” And that’s that the practice of law - this law firm - is about. And that’s the real world to me. Why, you could say, “You could do any other job, period. Pick it.” I’d say, “Don’t bother. This ones for me.”