Justice for Vincent: Their Morgan & Morgan Story

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My wife and I, we were traveling back home and there was heavy traffic and I noticed the guy behind me, moving fast and switched lanes and didn't notice that we had all stopped and he hit us pretty hard. Impact sent us into another car that was in front of us and my wife was she was pretty shaken up and I was shook up a little bit and I checked to see everybody was okay and after that I started having problems with my back and we decided after going to see the chiropractor, who recommended to us Morgan & Morgan, so we contacted Morgan & Morgan for assistance. Morgan & Morgan was there, they were there with us all the way from day one, all the way to the end. So, and Chris Rodems he gave me his number, he was my attorney and he said if you have any problems, you need anything you know contact me. They always contact me by email to let me know what was going on with the case. So, they were there, Morgan & Morgan was there 24/7. I was very relieved when I heard the results from my case from Morgan & Morgan. There was a weight lifted off my shoulders and I just I didn't have to worry anymore. It helped me recover by paying the medical bills that, that I had acquired from the accident, the time off of work, it helped with paying the bills and just getting back on my feet. I would recommend Morgan & Morgan to my family and friends because they take care of you. They're there for you and they help you out, they see you from the beginning, to the end.