Mar 12, 2024

Six Injured in Three-Vehicle South Carolina Crash

Tractor Trailer on Highway

Five cadets from a South Carolina National Guard training program and their bus driver were injured in a three-vehicle crash on Nov. 4, The State reported. The accident occurred around 5 p.m. on McCords Ferry Road in Columbia, South Carolina, closing the road between Screaming Eagle Road and Leesburg Road overnight as crews cleaned up the wreckage. Police said all the injuries were non-life-threatening and that the parents of the cadets were contacted on the day of the incident.

The crash occurred when a tractor trailer carrying paper approached a disabled vehicle on the road. The truck swerved over the center line in a no-passing zone to avoid the vehicle. The bus full of cadets, approaching in the opposite lane, slowed to allow the semi to pass and was rear-ended by a truck carrying logs. The impact caused the bus to flip and veer off the road. Two of the cadets had injuries that kept them hospitalized for two nights, according to Columbia police spokesperson Jennifer Timmons.

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