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Record-Setting Rower Killed in Team Van Crash

Record-Setting Rower Killed in Team Van Crash - Wrecked white Van

Grace Rett, a college sophomore and star rower, was killed last Wednesday after a van transporting her team collided with a pickup truck in Florida, CNN reported. Six of her teammates, her head coach, and the driver of the truck were taken to the hospital with injuries.

Rett, who was attending College of the Holy Cross, had just celebrated her twentieth birthday the day before the accident. A few weeks prior, she’d set an indoor rowing world record for her age group by rowing 62 hours straight on a rowing machine.

Rett’s team was on their way to a rowing club for practice, the college’s Dean of Students, Michele Murray, said. The crash happened in Vero Beach, Florida, with Rett sitting in the front passenger seat of the van. She was a native of Uxbridge, Massachusetts, a suburb of Worcester, where Holy Cross is located.

The two drivers of the vehicles and the six students who were injured are all expected to survive, though three were in critical condition and two in serious condition as of last Thursday. A police investigation is ongoing.

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