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Nintendo Threats Go Beyond Video Game Bad Guys – Old Hardware Poses Security Risks

Nintendo’s Old Hardware Poses Security Issues - Gameboy

A statement was recently released on the Japanese Nintendo’s website warning any fans who are using old hardware to stop all immediate use due to security issues. 

The statement confirmed that using the breached hardware leaves consumers open to potentially being “illegally accessed from the outside, or that the connected terminal may be infected with a computer virus, etc.”

The best way to protect yourself from facing any serious problem is to prohibit all use of any of the affected models. To understand further how you can protect yourself, we have provided additional information below on the particular hardware that has been impacted and what to do if you have been compromised. 

What Hardware Has Been Affected?

While you might be concerned that using any old Nintendo hardware could leave you vulnerable, this is not necessarily the case. Nintendo’s clearly confirmed that frequent use of any old Nintendo hardware containing the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector (NTR-010) and the Nintendo Wi-Fi Network Adapter (WAP-001) that were released in 2005 and 2008 is where security issues could arise, leaving their users exposed. 

How Can An Attorney Help? 

If you have been using the compromised Nintendo hardware and, as a result of this, have suffered from a security breach, it can feel like a daunting situation, particularly if you have been financially impacted due to illegal access or a computer virus. 

Nintendo, like any organization, has a responsibility to protect its customers from such risks and unfortunately, where this does not happen, it can have a considerable impact on every aspect of your and your family’s life, including your finances and wellbeing.  

When you work together with our team of specialist attorneys at Morgan & Morgan, you can be assured of receiving a personalized service, with our solicitors taking the time to carefully understand your situation. This enables us to provide clear advice on your available options and how we can assist you. We always make certain that this is tailored exactly to your circumstances, ensuring you receive the best possible outcome. 

Get Assistance From The Morgan & Morgan Specialists 

At Morgan & Morgan, our attorneys recognize the sheer worry and concern of having your sensitive details compromised due to an organization. Should you be in a position where you have been impacted by the Nintendo hardware security issues, it’s crucial to seek immediate legal advice and support from professionals. 

To learn more about how our Morgan & Morgan lawyers can assist you in claiming compensation, please don’t hesitate to contact us today or fill out our case-evaluation form to determine whether you are eligible to receive compensation.