Mar 4, 2024

Less Worry, More Results – Ben

Less Worry, More Results – Ben

In the aftermath of a life-altering car crash, Ben found himself faced with uncertainty and pain. 

Recalling the moment of impact, Ben vividly remembers the immediate pain in his neck as his head popped back when another car collided with his. In the midst of the physical and emotional shock, Ben recognized the importance of having a team that would not only cover him legally but ensure the best possible outcome. "When you're dealing with something like this, and you're not sure how it's going to end, you want to make sure that you're covered and you got the best team possible. That's why I called Morgan & Morgan."

Morgan & Morgan became the driving force behind Ben's pursuit of justice, handling every aspect of the legal process with efficiency and care. "Morgan & Morgan drove the train. All I had to do was go take care of myself. There were no court appearances. They negotiated everything," Ben explains. This commitment to a seamless process allowed Ben the space to focus on his recovery, knowing that his legal team had his back.

In addition to the unwavering commitment to his case, Ben also appreciated Morgan & Morgan's approach to fees. "They told me that they would not be taking anything upfront. I'm not making six figures a year. I appreciated that," he emphasizes. The financial burden was lifted, allowing Ben to pursue justice without added stress.

In the face of negotiations and legal proceedings, Ben found reassurance in the positive communication from his legal team. "Every time we spoke, it was positive, 'We're going to get this handled for you. You have nothing to worry about,'" Ben shares. This ongoing support and encouragement created a sense of trust that permeated every interaction.

The ultimate success of Ben's case speaks volumes about Morgan & Morgan's dedication to their clients. "You wouldn't believe it, but the insurance came back and settled at exactly what they asked for," Ben reveals. The positive resolution further solidified his recommendation: "I would absolutely recommend Morgan & Morgan to anyone and already have."