Jun 6, 2024

Getting the Last Word — and Justice – Christine’s Morgan & Morgan Story

Getting the Last Word — and Justice – Christine

Christine’s husband, John, underwent what was supposed to be a routine colonoscopy hemorrhoidectomy and died only three days later.

As John's severe abdominal pain escalated, Christine found herself thrust into the unknown territory of sepsis, a condition that ravages the body with alarming speed. Little did she know that John was in a life-and-death struggle, and the medical team failed to intervene effectively.

"He should have been watched. He should have been taken care of. But they didn’t do anything to help with that," Christine recounts the harrowing night when sepsis took hold, turning her husband's hospital room into an unexpected battlefield.

The devastating reality unfolded on September 3, 2016, when John succumbed to the persistent aggression of sepsis. Left with unanswered questions and an overwhelming sense of loss, Christine set out to seek accountability for the negligence that led to her husband's untimely passing.

"I just kept saying, 'I don't understand.' No answers. The silence was louder than explaining something."

As she sought justice, Christine encountered numerous challenges, facing rejections from 35 attorneys over two years. The turning point came when she discovered Morgan & Morgan, a legal team willing to approach her case from a different perspective.

"My attorney told me that it's not going to be easy, but kept saying that we could do this. 'You just hang in there.'"

Christine's primary goal was not monetary compensation; instead, she sought accountability. "I want to sit across the table from those doctors and I want them to look at my face," she asserted. Morgan & Morgan facilitated this crucial confrontation, giving Christine a sense of closure and justice.

After a thorough fight, the call came: they had won. The victory, fittingly, fell on John's birthday—he would have been 59. "Thank God I had Morgan & Morgan. My attorney was amazing. He explained everything in detail and made it very easy and very calming for me to do what needed to be done."

While Christine acknowledges that some questions may forever remain unanswered, she credits Morgan & Morgan for giving her the strength to rebuild her life. "I'll never get an apology. I'll never know where the infection came from, but I know that John had his say, and I had his say."