May 2, 2024

Acting fast for life’s second chance – Claude

Morgan & Morgan's client, Claude who was in a car accident

Departing from a visit to his mother’s home, Claude crossed what appeared to be an empty road—until his path was abruptly interrupted by the deafening screech of tires and the bone-jarring impact of a speeding truck going twice the limit. 

The force of the collision sent Claude’s body hurtling 190 yards across the pavement, leaving him on the brink of death, his life hanging in precarious balance.

“I flatlined from loss of blood,” Claude recalls. “Apparently I died twice.”

As he lay in the hospital, grappling with the enormity of his ordeal, Claude's first instinct was to seek help. Without hesitation, he asked the nurse to get him the number for Morgan & Morgan and called the law firm right from the hospital bed. 

From the very beginning, according to Claude, he was met with unwavering compassion and dedication from the legal team at Morgan & Morgan. 

“Morgan & Morgan was going to do everything that they could to help and to make sure that I was going to be okay.”

Claude felt reassured that his recovery was not solely his burden to bear—he had a dedicated team of advocates in his corner, tirelessly working to ensure his rights were upheld and his future secured.

Throughout his journey, Morgan & Morgan remained a steadfast source of support and guidance, their expertise and unwavering commitment serving as a beacon of hope in his darkest moments. Their tireless efforts ensured that Claude received the care and compensation he deserved, empowering him to focus on his recovery without the burden of legal uncertainty weighing him down.

“That gave me a sense of peace knowing it’s not just me on my own—that I've actually got somebody here to help.”

In sharing his story, Claude hopes to inspire others who may find themselves facing similar challenges to reach out for help and embrace the support that surrounds them.