May 3, 2024

The Face of Justice: Meet Chris Rodems, Bully Fighter

The Face of Justice Lawyer Spotlight: Meet Chris Rodems, Bully Fighter

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Each week, we'll highlight one of our attorneys who made extraordinary strides this year, in recognition of their outstanding contributions, unique approaches, and incredible advocacy in their communities.

Meet Chris Rodems, Bully Fighter

Before joining Morgan & Morgan, Chris Rodems owned his own firm practicing insurance defense work. We tried a case against him and were so impressed by his knowledge and tenacious advocacy on behalf of his client that we offered him a job. 

What makes him a great attorney is that he believes in what he does. He has a passion for justice and loves helping people. Above all, Chris develops genuine relationships with his clients. His empathy and care have evolved into lifelong friendships that go far beyond his role as a lawyer. 

Injustice anywhere bothers Chris to his core. He doesn’t like bullies, and has seen how large companies often use their greater size and power to bully his clients. Chris won’t stand for that. He’s on a mission to right wrongs; in his opinion, the best way to beat a bully is to punch them in the nose. 

Chris is deeply committed to his family and has formed strong personal bonds with folks at the ofice. He understands that to obtain best results, you have to invest both your heart and your mind. He teaches by example, showing our team that investing in your clients is investing in yourself. He is a role model and a champion for justice, and it’s an honor working with him.

Sean Shaughnessy, 

based in Central Florida, specializes in representing clients against negligence with a strong commitment to justice. Holding degrees from Florida State University and the University of Florida College of Law, Sean Shaughnessy leads Morgan & Morgan's Central Florida offices with a focus on impactful legal outcomes and a dedication to upholding the highest standards of the legal profession.

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