Mar 18, 2024

Across the Nation, Police Are Responding to Anti-Brutality Protests With Violence

Police in riot gear

The killing of George Floyd has sparked nationwide demonstrations over police brutality and institutional racism. The protests – composed of various objectives including putting an end to police violence, holding officers accountable for their actions, and demilitarizing the police – have been largely peaceful.

Yet, the citizens marching on the front lines and demanding change have often been treated harshly by law enforcement. Time and again, gatherings have been marred by incidents of police brutality – one of the very things demonstrators hope to eradicate.

It’s important to remain diligent and understand how widespread the problem is. As such, we’ve listed several notable incidents of police brutality over the past two weeks. This is far from an exhaustive list.

Warning: Some of the linked videos are graphic and may contain offensive language, violence, and other triggers.

  • A member of the NYPD shoved a woman to the ground in an expletive-laced attack.
  • Another NYPD officer ripped the mask off of a protester’s face and pepper-sprayed the man.
  • Also in New York, a pair of police SUVs rammed into a crowd of protestors, knocking several people to the ground.
  • In Los Angeles, a member of the LAPD drove over a protester in an SUV.
  • Also in Los Angeles, a Marine veteran was badly injured when police shot rubber bullets at him.
  • In Buffalo, a pair of officers were filmed pushing an elderly man to the ground, causing severe bleeding. The man is in stable, but serious condition.
  • In Minneapolis, police and the National Guard were recorded shooting paint canisters at a woman on her front porch after one officer can be heard directing others to “light them up.”
  • Also in Minneapolis, police shot tear gas at peaceful protesters in an exchange caught on live television.
  • Likewise, in Santa Monica, police used tear gas to break up a peaceful protest.
  • In Philadelphia, a group of police officers on bicycles attacked peaceful protesters. One officer was spotted hitting a man over the head with a baton before pinning him to the ground.
  • Also in Philadelphia, police used tear gas and rubber bullets on a crowd of demonstrators.
  • In Fort Lauderdale, a Black woman was shoved to the ground by an officer while she was on her knees with her hands up.
  • In Atlanta, officers pulled two people from a car and tased them in a display of excessive force. (These officers were fired, then sued the police chief and mayor because they want their jobs back.)
  • In Jacksonville, a man was grabbed by the neck and punched by police.
  • Hundreds of attacks on journalists have been recorded since the protests began.

As a result, many protesters have been injured – some severely – while others have been taken into custody without reason.

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