Apr 4, 2024

A $2.9M Week: Morgan & Morgan Wins 3 Big Jury Verdicts for Florida Car Crash Victims

A $2.9M Week: Morgan & Morgan Wins 3 Big Jury Verdicts for Florida Car Crash Victims

It was quite the week for our clients at Morgan & Morgan. Our attorneys secured three sizable verdicts totaling $2.9 million — two on the same day — for clients who were victims of injustice in the aftermath of their car accidents. These verdicts are several times the low-ball, pre-trial offers our clients received.

On Thursday, Aug. 10, we had two big victories for our clients. Attorneys Matt Morgan and Keith Mitnik won a $1.19 million jury verdict in Orange County court for a man who was offered nothing after sustaining permanent injuries to his spine, which caused radiating pain. He will need significant medical treatment into the future.

It wasn’t just any $0 low-ball offer, though. On the Saturday before trial, the insurance company actually demanded that the client pay half of its attorney’s fees. Needless to say, the jury agreed with the arguments of Morgan and Mitnik, both accomplished trial lawyers with millions of dollars worth of verdicts on their records.

Also on Thursday, attorney Mike Marrese won an $837,000 jury verdict in Alachua County for an injured man. Our client was driving his car in his apartment complex when he had to stop for a pedestrian, and in doing so was struck by a garbage truck. Our client’s car was damaged and he suffered neck and back injuries.

The defendant denied liability and contended that the accident was our client’s fault. The jury, however, disagreed, awarding our client compensation he can use to cover his medical bills and other expenses.

But those weren’t the only verdicts this past week. On Friday, Aug. 4, Morgan and Mitnik had another Orange County win for a Morgan & Morgan client: a jury verdict of $900,000. That followed a pre-trial offer of $40,000, which was not adequate to compensate our client for the permanent injuries he sustained in his lumbar and cervical spine. His medical expenses were already at $50,000 and he’ll have to get significant medical treatment going forward.

When the Initial Offer Just Isn't Good for You

In each case, our attorneys tapped into their experience and knowledge, and Morgan & Morgan’s resources, to fight for their clients all the way to trial. They did this because our clients deserved better than the offers they initially received — offers that were an injustice when considering the injuries these people suffered and the future medical treatments they face. Our attorneys have done this many times before, winning jury verdicts that were as high as 481 times the initial low-ball offer.

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