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Personal Injury Lawyers in Key West, Florida (FL)

At Morgan & Morgan, we provide quality legal representation for a wide variety of personal injury cases on an affordable, contingency-fee basis. Located close to the National Key Deer Refuge, our Big Pine Key location is the southernmost outpost in our chain of offices that run from the Panhandle to the Keys and help Floridians all over the state. In addition to Big Pine Key, our office serves Key West, Key Largo, Marathon, and anywhere else in the Keys where people need help.

Since the firm was founded in Orlando in 1988, our attorneys have steadily built a reputation as trial warriors for their willingness to take a case all the way to trial and their prowess in the courtroom. We are a law firm for the people, not the powerful, and our attorneys in Big Pine Key want to help those who were injured by another’s negligence, such as in a car accident or slip and fall, and have steep medical bills, lost wages, or suffered from physical and emotional pain as a result.

If you think you have a personal injury case, contact Morgan & Morgan for a free case evaluation today. One of our attorneys may be able to help.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our attorneys handle a variety of injury cases, including:

Amusement Park Accidents
personal injury
Car Accidents
motor vehicle accidents
Burn Injuries
fire burn injury
Insurance Claims
insurance disputes
Medical Malpractice
medical malpractice
Overtime/Wage & Hour
overtime and wages
Slip & Fall
slip and falls
Workers' Compensation
workers compensation

Morgan & Morgan’s Office in Paradise

Morgan & Morgan has offices in many beautiful communities, but none of them are quite as tropical as our Big Pine Key location.

Nearby Bahia Honda State Park offers arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire country, and you can catch a glimpse of the abandoned Bahia Honda Rail Bridge while you’re there. If you’d rather go for a hike or see the island’s wildlife, you can visit the Blue Hole — the only freshwater lake in the Florida Keys. The Blue Hole was once a quarry that has since been abandoned and reclaimed by nature. Now, it’s a hub for the island’s wildlife, including the adorable Key Deer.

Key Deer are the smallest species of deer in North America — about the size of a mid-sized dog — and are endangered. As a result, part of Big Pine Key is home to the National Key Deer Refuge. Key Deer roam freely all over the island, so don’t be surprised if you see one when you come visit our office.

Contact Our Attorneys in Big Pine Key Today

Unfortunately, living in paradise doesn’t prevent people from being injured by another’s negligence. You could still be hit by a car heading to the beach or injured in a bike accident while going for a leisurely ride. Additionally, hurricanes can cause major property damage in places like Big Pine Key and lead to insurance disputes over hurricane damage.

If you were injured by another’s negligence, such as in a case of medical malpractice, or are in a dispute with your insurance company and require the services of a Big Pine Key attorney, contact us today for a free case evaluation to learn more about how we may be able to help.

What our clients say

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"Morgan & Morgan has been nothing short of excellent; they’ve met my every need and got me the medical attention I needed in a timely manner. I love that they are there to answer any question that I may have and kept me in the loop. Great team!!"

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