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Best Disability Lawyers in Las Vegas

If you live with a disability and have not worked for 12 consecutive months, you might qualify to receive Social Security Disability benefits. You can submit a claim to the Social Security Administration (SSA) that demonstrates a mental and/or physical disability has forced you out of work, as well as prevents you from leading a normal life.

The claim process starts with the filing of an initial application. Because the SSA denies a majority of claims, you should prepare to go through the appeals process that consists of four stages. You first file an appeal for reconsideration and if the SSA once again denies your initial claim, you move onto the other three phases of the appeals process.

The SSA typically takes between three and five months to determine whether to deny or approve a claim for Social Security disability benefits. However, the federal government agency frequently experiences delays in the processing of claims mostly because of the overwhelming number of claims submitted by applicants.

Getting legal support from one of the best Las Vegas disability lawyers can boost your chances of getting a claim approved. An experienced attorney knows how to submit the most persuasive medical evidence, as well as makes the strongest case possible if your claim enters the appeals process. Hiring a Social Security attorney also ensures the SSA reviews your claim in a timely manner.

Since 1988, the Las Vegas disability lawyers at Morgan & Morgan have helped clients file Social Security disability claims backed by convincing evidence. Our team of Nevada-licensed Las Vegas disability lawyers gathers and organizes the medical evidence you need to receive approval for financial assistance. We also meet all the other criteria established by the SSA to win the approval of a claim.

Schedule a free case evaluation with one of our disability attorneys to learn more about how Morgan & Morgan can help you receive the financial assistance you deserve.

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  • What Does a Disability Attorney Do?

    The Social Security Disability application process overwhelms many applicants, especially during a period when they suffer from a disabling medical condition. Although the law does not require you to hire a disability attorney, working with one can help you receive compensation.

    The best disability lawyers in Las Vegas know how to address the issues that typically arise during the claim process. Perhaps the most important role of a disability lawyer involves acting as an intermediary between you and the SSA. Instead of you contacting the SSA to check on the status of a disability claim, your lawyer does it for you.

  • Knowing what else Las Vegas disability lawyers do should benefit you when you sit down for a free case evaluation.

    Reviews Your Case

    The first thing a disability attorney does is conduct a review of your case. After completing the review, the lawyer determines the best course of legal. Maybe you quickly submit a disability claim or wait to see whether an act of negligence caused your disability. If an act of negligence caused your disability, Morgan & Morgan has a team of experienced personal injury lawyers ready to help you seek just compensation.

    Ensures You Complete an Accurate Application

    Not every claim denied by the SSA is due to a lack of medical evidence. If you fail to complete an accurate application, you can expect the SSA to deny your claim before it even reaches a team of medical examiners. You must fill out every section with the most recent information. A Social Security disability attorney checks your application to ensure it is SSA-ready.

    Gather and Organize Evidence

    Medical evidence is what wins or loses a Social Security disability application. After you sign the form that releases your medical records, one of our highly rated disability attorneys organizes the records before sending the copies of your medical records with your disability claim. Your lawyer sifts through hundreds of pages of medical records to determine which ones should accompany your application for disability benefits.

    Monitor the Progress of Your Claim

    The SSA processes an incredibly high number of disability claims each year. Since the application process is complex due to deadlines and stringent application requirements, the SSA system can slow down while you wait for a response. Our Las Vegas disability lawyers monitor the claims submitted by our clients to ensure no claim gets lost in the SSA system.

    File Appeals

    The SSA denies a whopping 70 percent of all disability claims, which means the attorney you hire must have considerable experience filing appeals. An appeal for reconsideration is simply a second chance to have your initial claim reviewed. The other three phases of the appeals process require a Social Security disability lawyer to argue your case either in writing or in person. Working with a Social Security Disability lawyer provides you with the legal representation you need to win an appeal.

  • What Documents Do I Need for a Successful Claim?

    Submitting the right documents forms the foundation of a successful Social Security disability claim. You should send the following documents to the SSA.

    Medical Records

    You send the SSA the results of diagnostic tests to demonstrate the type of disabling medical condition that has put you out of work. A description of your treatment program and physical therapy sessions also provides the SSA with important information. Your physician also should contribute by sending the SSA a statement that discusses the prognosis for you to make a partial or full recovery. Provide the SSA with the names of every healthcare provider, as well as their contact information.

    Bank and Earnings Statements

    Submitting copies of your bank statements lets the SSA know how much money you made before you suffered a disability, as well as how much you have earned since the incident that caused your disability. You also should provide the SSA with a detailed account of your earnings going back as far as 15 years.

    Work History

    Using 15 years again as a time frame, submit the names of your employers and managers in addition to their contact information. The SSA wants to know what job titles you held over the past 15 years, as well as detailed descriptions of the responsibilities you had for each job.

    Other Benefits

    The SSA wants to know if you receive any other type of financial assistance provided by the federal government. For example, if you receive food assistance in the form of temporary aid for needy families (TANF), you must report the financial assistance to the SSA. This also applies to any other types of disability assistance you receive.
    One of our Las Vegas disability lawyers will help you submit the correct documents, which include proof of your citizenship status.

  • How Do I Find the Right Disability Attorney?

    Knowing the answer to the question, “Where can I find the best Las Vegas disability lawyers” starts by learning which factors matter the most. After discovering what to look for in the best disability attorneys in Las Vegas, then you ask for recommendations from trusted friends and family members. Reaching out to lawyers also might lead you to an experienced disability attorney.

    Experience with Disability Cases

    Social Security disability cases represent a highly specialized legal practice. The lawyer you hire must have extensive experience not only working disability cases, but also extensive experience getting claims approved by the SSA. Your lawyer must have in-depth knowledge of the Blue Book, which is the medical guide the SSA uses to review disability claims. The disability that you suffer from must be listed in the Blue Book, as well as the debilitating symptoms that prevent you from working.

    At Morgan & Morgan, our team of disability attorneys has compiled an impressive record of helping clients receive financial assistance from the SSA.

    Handles Your Case From Start to Finish

    If you hire a disability lawyer after a free case evaluation, you want the legal counsel to support you for the entire claim process. Some disability attorneys delegate responsibilities to paralegals and less experienced lawyers. The disability attorney who helps you file a compelling initial claim must be the same legal counsel who represents you if you need to file an appeal for Social Security disability benefits.

    Responsive Communicator

    Because the claim process often takes several months to unfold, your disability lawyer should provide you with regularly scheduled updates. Speaking with your legal counsel daily works when you prepare to file the initial claim. After submitting your claim, receiving a weekly update on the status of your claim keeps you in the communication loop. If your case needs to go through the appeals process, you should return to a schedule of daily communication.

    The disability attorney you hire also must promptly return your emails and phone calls.


    You have three ways to acquire references that provide positive feedback for the attorneys on your shortlist of candidates. First, you should ask to speak with a few former clients in person or over the phone. Second, you read the client testimonials posted on the website managed by a disability lawyer. Third, read the reviews left by clients on sites such as Yelp and Google. References should not be the sole criteria you use to choose a disability attorney. Instead, references should support the information you have already gathered.

  • Work the Team of Las Vegas Disability Lawyers at Morgan & Morgan

    Because you might have to wait longer than five months to receive word about the status of your Social Security disability claim, you should file your claim as soon as possible after suffering a mental and/or physical disability. You cannot afford to waste time while medical bills pile up and no income comes in to pay for them. With a complex claim process, working with a disability attorney can get you the financial assistance you deserve in a timely manner.

    A disability attorney from Morgan & Morgan will help you avoid making mistakes on your application, as well as submit the most persuasive evidence to bolster the chances of the SSA approving your claim for financial assistance. We also have the experience to represent you effectively if your case enters the appeals process.

    Act with a sense of urgency today by scheduling a free case evaluation with one of the experienced disability attorneys at Morgan & Morgan.

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