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Las Vegas Fire Injury Settlements - Las Vegas Fire Show

Las Vegas Fire Injury Settlements: What You Need to Know

When people think of Las Vegas, they usually think of the entertainment attractions, bright lights, and iconic streets. But like any large city, Las Vegas also presents a backdrop in which accidents and injuries can occur.
When you or someone you love has sustained a burn or fire injury in Las Vegas, you may have the right to seek financial compensation. This is especially true if your injury was due to another person’s carelessness or negligence.
It is crucial that burn and fire victims contact a skilled personal injury attorney. An accomplished lawyer will fight hard to secure maximum financial recovery for you.
In the following article, we will examine the things that you need to know about Las Vegas fire injury settlements.
Contacting the skilled legal team at Morgan & Morgan will give you the best chance of obtaining financial recovery. If you have suffered from a burn or fire injury in Las Vegas, complete our user-friendly contact form online to schedule your free initial case evaluation.

Types of Accidents That Can Lead to Las Vegas Fire Injury Settlements

Fire injuries and burns can happen in a wide array of contexts. Burns are some of the most common injuries that occur in the United States.
Below, we’ll discuss some of the most common kinds of fire and burn injuries. Although many burns are the result of fire injuries, others may result from various heat sources or hazards.

Friction Burns

This type of burn injury happens when a foreign object rubs against the skin and causes a burn. Friction burns are a combination of scraping and a heat burn. This type of injury is particularly common in motorcycle collisions.

Cold Burns

This type of burn results in damage to the skin when the skin becomes frozen. Cold burns are also known as “frostbite.”

Thermal Burns

Thermal burns result from the body coming into contact with something hot. Extreme heat causes the death of skin cells and can lead to extensive tissue damage.
This is the most common type of burn that people face. Thermal burns include:

  •       Fire injuries
  •       Steam burns
  •       Scalding water burns

 Oftentimes, workplaces and businesses present hazards that can lead to thermal burns. These include machinery, ovens, coffee pots, and more.
These are only a few of the most common categories of burn and fire injuries. Other types of burn injuries include chemical burns, electrical burns, and radiation burns.
No matter what type of burn or fire injury you have suffered, it is important to contact a legal professional. A skilled attorney can provide all of the information that you need when it comes to securing Las Vegas fire injury settlements. 

Understanding Las Vegas Fire Injury Settlements

In personal injury law, victims have the right to pursue financial compensation from the person or entity that is responsible for their injuries.
The payments that the victim receives from the liable party are known as “damages.” Damages can be awarded as the result of a lawsuit or trial.
But damages can also be secured through negotiations before a lawsuit is formally filed. This is how most personal injury cases are resolved. In cases like these, the agreement is called a “settlement.”
Accomplished Nevada attorneys know the best methods for securing Las Vegas fire injury settlements. 

Common Categories of Damages in Fire Injury Cases

Each personal injury case is unique. Whether an injury dispute is resolved through a lawsuit or pretrial negotiations, there are a few common categories of damages that are taken into account.
The two primary categories of damages in fire injury cases are “economic” and “non-economic” damages. Both of these are intended to compensate a victim for the negative consequences that they endured as the result of their accident.

Economic Damages

This type of monetary compensation is meant to pay back an injury victim for any direct financial losses that they incurred as a result of their accident. In other words, economic damages are not a payment for the difficulty of enduring the fire injury. Instead, this category of damages is only intended to restore the injured person to their previous financial state.
A personal injury usually results in more than just physical and psychological damage. Oftentimes, victims face mounting financial costs after an accident.
Common examples of economic damages include:

  •       Current medical bills
  •       Anticipated future medical care and treatments
  •       Lost wages and income from missed days of work
  •       Cost of replacing or repairing damaged property

Oftentimes, victims undervalue the economic costs of their injuries. A knowledgeable accident lawyer will examine the facts of your case to help you determine the full value of your fire injury.

Non-Economic Damages

When most people think of an injury settlement, they think of the economic payments. But not every type of negative consequence from a fire accident comes with a monetary value.
Victims also have the legal right to pursue damages for the intangible losses from their injuries. These are known as “non-economic” damages.
In many cases, the non-economic costs of an injury are the most difficult to bear. Suppose that you sustained a severe fire injury as the result of a business owner’s negligence. How much is it worth to be unable to sit comfortably for long periods of time? What is the value of being unable to engage in the hobbies and activities that you love? How much should you be paid for feelings of embarrassment about scars from your injury?
Typical examples of non-economic damages include:

  •       Physical pain and suffering
  •       Emotional distress, such as anxiety, depression, and stress
  •       Long-term trauma
  •       Disfigurement
  •       Disability
  •       The loss of enjoyment of life
  •       Loss of consortium or relationship in wrongful death claims

Overall, fire injury claims will often involve the same types of damages as any other personal injury case.
But fire injuries and burns can be particularly damaging. They can lead to long-lasting or permanent scarring and disfigurement. The responsible party must compensate the plaintiff for physical and emotional pain.
The disfigurement that can be caused by fire injuries is especially relevant. A skilled attorney will fight for payments to compensate for any physical scarring.
But victims should also be paid for the emotional and social damage that is done by a fire injury. If the plaintiff has suffered a severe burn on their face, they may feel embarrassed or depressed. A fire injury can change the quality of the victim’s social interactions and relationships.
These very real losses must be taken into account when you’re calculating the value of Las Vegas fire injury settlements.

Finding the Right Fire Injury Attorney for You

If you have sustained a fire injury and believe that you have cause to pursue damages, consult with an attorney. Although there are many personal injury lawyers for hire in Las Vegas, finding the right one for your specific needs can be challenging.
When you need legal representation, consider the following tips:

Do Your Due Diligence

Make sure to research several different attorneys and law firms before hiring anyone. You should not simply accept the first result from an internet search when you’re seeking legal representation.
It is a good idea to read reviews from former clients. Make sure to find assessments from several different websites. Do not rely only on the positive testimonials featured on the law firm’s site.
Although all attorneys will have a few negative reviews, find a lawyer with a vast majority of positive evaluations.

Look for Trial Experience

The best fire injury attorneys have plenty of trial experience. Most personal injury claims reach a settlement without the need to go to court. But it is important to know that your lawyer can handle a trial, if necessary.
You should not have to worry that your attorney will make an agreement that is not in your best interests just to avoid the courtroom.

Contingency Fees

Search for an attorney or firm that operates on a contingency fee payment structure. A contingency fee is a portion of the recovery from a personal injury case that is used to cover the cost of legal representation.
When a lawyer operates on a contingency fee payment structure, the injury victim pays nothing unless the firm wins or settles their case. Most reputable firms are paid through contingency fees for personal injury cases.
Never hire a lawyer or firm who wants you to pay before agreeing to take your case.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • Should I Hire a Certain Type of Lawyer for Las Vegas Fire Injury Settlements?

    Yes! It is important to find an attorney who has a strong track record of winning in cases like yours. Not every type of attorney is equipped to take on these kinds of personal injury cases.
    A skilled fire injury attorney will handle the following elements of your claim:

    •       Drafting and filing legal documents
    •       Consulting with relevant experts
    •       Collecting powerful evidence
    •       Crafting strong legal arguments
    •       Gathering witness testimony
    •       Determining legal liability
    •       Estimating the value of damages in your case

    While any lawyer is legally permitted to take your case, you should only hire someone who knows how to win fire injury cases.

  • Do I Really Owe Nothing Unless My Case Has Been Won or Settled?

    Yes, really! At Morgan & Morgan, our injury attorneys are paid through contingency fees. That means that you do not owe a dime unless and until you receive financial compensation in your case.
    We care about our clients. We know that fire injury victims have enough to worry about. That is why we do not get paid unless you do.

  • How Can I Be Sure that I Will Win My Case?

    Like everything else, there are no guaranteed victories in personal injury law. That is why it is so crucial to hire the best Las Vegas injury attorneys.
    The compassionate team at Morgan & Morgan has a long history of delivering results for our clients. We know the best strategies for securing maximum compensation in fire injury cases.

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