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Phoenix Slip & Fall

When property owners are negligent in maintaining their premises, people can get hurt. 

Unfortunately, Slip & Fall injuries are all too common. Approximately one million people per year are hospitalized because of injuries sustained in falls, resulting in billions of dollars in medical expenses. 

If you or a loved one have been injured in a Slip & Fall due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation under Arizona law. 

At Morgan & Morgan, our experienced Slip & Fall attorneys understand that a serious injury affects every aspect of your life. The physical, emotional, and financial suffering can be devastating. That’s why we’ll fight to get you every penny you’re entitled to. Don’t wait: contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • What Can an Attorney Do For You?

    Insurance companies may try to deny you the money they owe, but we won’t let them. 

    We will collect the evidence needed to establish the property owner’s negligence, as well as the full extent of your damages, and work to force the insurance companies to negotiate in good faith. If they still won’t pay, we will take them to court. Unlike some law firms, Morgan & Morgan won’t hesitate to go to trial to get you the compensation you’re owed.

  • What is Available Compensation?

    If you have been injured in a Slip & Fall in Arizona you may be eligible to recover:

    • Medical expenses, including anticipated future expenses.
    • Lost income, both past and future, resulting from your inability to work due to your injury, or inability to earn the same level of income as prior to your injury.
    • Pain & suffering resulting from the injury, including undue stress and worry or depression.

    Our experienced Slip & Fall attorneys can evaluate what your case is worth and help you determine your best legal options. If you’re owed compensation, we will work tirelessly to obtain it for you.

  • What Are Common Causes of Slips and Falls in Phoenix?

    Slip and fall legal claims fall under premises law. They generally occur when a property or business owner fails to keep visitors to the property safe. Common hazards that can lead to a personal injury lawsuit in Phoenix include, among others:

    • Loose and broken floorboards
    • Dips in floors
    • Wet and slippery surfaces
    • Cracks and other defects in sidewalks
    • Loose rugs and mats
    • Insufficient lighting of walkways, staircases, and other areas
    • Clutter on floors
    • Lack of warning signage

    Slip and fall victims in Phoenix may believe that a fall was their fault. However, even if it is not immediately clear why you slipped or tripped and fell, you could still have a case against the property owner and recover compensation. Your best next step, especially if you suffer significant injuries and expenses, is to speak to our slip and fall lawyers to clarify your legal rights.

  • Where Do Most Slips and Falls Happen in Phoenix?

    You don’t necessarily have to fall on business premises to have a legal claim. If your accident and injury occur anywhere on private, public, or commercial property, you could have a case and pursue compensation. Some of the most common places for slips and falls include:

    Grocery and Retail Stores

    Grocery and retail stores in Phoenix can be full of slipping and tripping hazards, such as:

    • Boxes and carts blocking aisles
    • Cables loose on floors
    • Drink and food spillages
    • Fridge leaks
    • Wet restroom floors
    • Recently mopped or waxed floors
    • Merchandise cluttering walkways

    During holidays and peak times, stores can be particularly hectic. Employees may fail to promptly remove slip and trip hazards. If you or a loved one got hurt in a grocery store or shopping mall fall, our Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) slip and fall lawyers could help.

    Parking Lots and Garages

    Parking lots and garages can be hazardous, especially at night. Lack of adequate lighting, cracks and potholes in the ground, and missing handrails in staircases can all cause severe falls with injuries.


    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), slips and falls were the most common cause of fatalities in the construction industry, representing more than a third of all deaths in the sector. However, slips, trips, and falls can potentially happen in all workplaces, including offices, retail, education, and others.

    Injured workers in Phoenix are generally entitled to workers’ compensation benefits and, as a result, are usually unable to sue an employer for negligence. However, workers could have a personal injury case and recover compensation if they do not qualify for workers’ comp or if a third party caused the fall. An attorney can advise you comprehensively on your legal options if you get hurt at work.


    Hotels and resorts can have numerous slipping and tripping hazards in common areas and guest bedrooms. Dangers in hotels can include:

    • Recently mopped common areas
    • Leaking plumbing in guest bathrooms or hotel restrooms
    • Slippery floors around pools
    • Debris, such as food and drink on floors
    • Bulging carpets and loose mats

    If hotel employees fail to remove hazards or put up warning signs, the establishment could be responsible for your damages from a slip and fall accident.

    Nursing Homes

    Older adults in Phoenix nursing homes can be at risk of injuries and death from falls. Many residents have underlying medical conditions or impaired mobility, making falls more likely. However, slips and falls are largely preventable.

    Nursing homes are responsible for minimizing risks to residents, which can include adequately supervising and assisting individuals, implementing a fall prevention program, and other measures. If your loved one was injured in a fall in their nursing home, speak to a lawyer as soon as possible, as you could sue the facility and receive damages.

  • Can A Lawyer Assess the Full Impact of Your Fall Injuries?

    If you were injured in a slip and fall, assessing the full impact of the injury on your health, career, and finances is critical for recovering the compensation you deserve. However, victims often do not know what they are entitled to or are unsure how to put a dollar value on non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.

    Consulting with a Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) slip and fall lawyer can be critical for understanding the full value of your claim, which provides you with leverage in negotiations with an insurance company.

    Damages You Could Recover

    Depending on the severity of your fall injuries and other facts of your case, you could be entitled to various damages, including but not limited to:

    • Medical bills and future healthcare costs
    • Lost income and future diminished earning potential
    • Pain and anguish
    • Emotional distress
    • Permanent disability
    • Loss of life quality
  • How to Protect Your Rights After a Fall in Phoenix?

    If your fall could have been avoided by a business or property owner, you could have a case against them, provided you take the right steps to protect your legal rights. Here’s what you should do if you get hurt on another’s property:

    • See a doctor to treat and document your injuries
    • File an accident report with the business or property owner
    • Take photos of the area where you fell and, if possible, the cause of your fall
    • Collect receipts for out-of-pocket costs and medical expenses
    • Get in touch with a slip and fall attorney
  • How Can Our Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) Slip and Fall Lawyers Help?

    We see the devastating consequences of severe slip and fall injuries every day. Victims often see their lives turned upside down, including their health, finances, and careers. If you are affected, Morgan & Morgan could help. We are here to clarify your rights, walk you through your legal options, and fight for full and fair compensation. We can:

    • Help you access the medical help you need
    • Assess your slip and fall accident
    • Establish liability of the property owner
    • Collect and organize evidence to prove your losses
    • Identify the impact of your injury on your present and future life
    • Determine the worth of your claim
    • Prevent you from accepting a lowball settlement offer
    • Filing a personal injury lawsuit
    • Present your case powerfully at trial

     Our slip and fall attorneys have protected injured individuals and families for decades, recovering the compensation they needed to rebuild their lives after suffering severe injuries and financial losses.

  • I Got Hurt When Falling on the Sidewalk; Could I Sue the City of Phoenix?

    If you slipped and fell due to a hazard on a public sidewalk in Phoenix, you could have a legal case against the city. Common dangers on public sidewalks can include:

    • Potholes and cracks in the sidewalk
    • Uneven sidewalks
    • Tripping hazards, such as obstructions or construction debris
    • Snow and ice accumulations

    If the city is responsible for the stretch of sidewalk where you fell, you would have to show that it failed to maintain the sidewalk properly. Suing a municipality can be challenging as additional legal requirements and deadlines exist. For example, Arizona Revised Statute §12-821.01 establishes that victims must file a notice of claim with the city within 180 days of their injury.

    In complex cases involving local government agencies, hiring a slip and fall lawyer can give you the best chance of getting what you deserve.

  • Am I Entitled to Workers’ Compensation if I Fall at My Job?

    You would most likely be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, such as work replacement payments and healthcare expenses, after a fall at your job. However, there can be some exceptions, such as:

    • You got hurt during the commute to or from work
    • Your employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance coverage
    • You are not a regular employee but are classified as a contractor
    • Your fall occurred due to alcohol or drug consumption

    Unfortunately, if your employer is uninsured or you are an independent contractor, you could be left out in the cold after a work accident. However, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit if your accident happened due to your employer or another party’s carelessness.

    As every work accident is unique, consider talking to a Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) slip and fall lawyer to understand your options for recovering compensation.

  • How Do I Complete a Slip and Fall Accident Report?

    Filling in an official accident report for your slip and fall claim in Phoenix can be critical for your personal injury claim. Therefore, if you experience a fall on another’s property, such as a retail store, restaurant, or apartment building, inform the responsible person immediately and ask to fill in an official report of your accident.

    If a manager or premises owner refuses to cooperate or does not have a report template, note down the following information:

    • Your details (name, address, phone number, etc.)
    • The time and date of your slip and fall
    • The precise location
    • The hazardous condition causing your fall, such as a wet floor
    • Names and contact details of witnesses
    • A list of your injuries

    A slip and fall incident report can be one of the crucial documents proving your claim, especially when insurance companies try to minimize your payout or challenge your claim. Completing a report, ideally at the accident scene, could help you recover adequate compensation.

  • I Slipped and Fell at a Friend’s Home; Can I Recover Compensation?

    In theory, you could have a legal claim if you fell on private property, such as a friend’s or family member’s home. Unfortunately, victims often hesitate to assert their legal rights as they do not want to damage family relationships or friendships. They may even pay for their medical bills and income losses out of their own pockets.

    However, the damages for your slip and fall injuries would, in most cases, not come out of your relative or friend’s pocket but instead be paid by their insurance company. Most private residences and business premises carry insurance for accidents. In the first instance, injured victims would file a claim with the homeowner’s insurance company. If the insurer refuses to pay a valid claim, the victim could sue the insurance company without involving the homeowner directly.

  • Can I Receive Damages if Partially Responsible for My Fall?

    Arizona is a comparative negligence state, which means that you could still recover damages even if you were partially at fault for your slip and fall. However, you may receive less than the entire worth of your claim, as your compensation amount will most likely be reduced by your degree of fault.

    Working with an experienced attorney who can argue your case powerfully can be crucial for such claims, as the other side might allege that you are wholly to blame for your injuries.

  • We Fight for the People

    Our Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) slip and fall lawyers have handled thousands of claims, turning many inadequate pre-trial offers from insurance companies into significant verdicts that allowed victims to recover physically, emotionally, and financially.

    We could help you receive what you deserve too. You pay nothing unless and until we win. Get America’s largest personal injury firm in your corner now, and contact us to get started with a free case review.

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