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A slip and fall accident occurs when a person loses his or her balance because of a ground level obstruction or unsafe surface and falls as a result. If you were hurt in a slip and fall accident recently, our Jonesboro slip and fall attorneys can assist you in filing a lawsuit for compensation. Compensation can help with all the bills and expenses you are burdened with.

The law in Arkansas imposes a duty on property owners to make sure their premises are free from dangerous hazards that might cause injuries. If this duty has been violated and you have suffered injuries because of an unsafe property condition, our attorneys may be able to help you recover monetary damages.

Highlighted Slip & Fall: Sidewalks

You are climbing the steps of the JET bus and slip and fall on the slush that has built up over the morning. Or perhaps you fell as you were making your way back to the bus, not noticing a passenger had spilled his or her morning drink and you slipped on the slick conditions the spill created. Tripping and falling on a bus can lead to serious injuries – but who should be held responsible? That answer isn’t necessarily black and white and may have multiple answers such as bus driver, the bus company, the bus manufacturer, and the transportation authorities that oversee those routes or buses. Another passenger may also be held liable for the accident if the individual was at fault for the conditions that led to your fall.

Slip and fall injuries on buses can lead to life-altering injuries and the inability to work. Common injuries in these accidents are:

  • Traumatic head injuries from hitting your head on seats as you fall.
  • Broken bones, especially the arms that you use to try to cushion your trip on the bus floor.
  • Spinal cord injuries due to the impact of falling against the corner of a seat or onto the JET bus floor.

If you sustained an injury in a slip & fall accident on a bus, contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Dealing With Insurance Companies in Slip and Fall Cases

Insurance companies frequently attempt to avoid liability for property owners by claiming that the victim could have walked around the dangerous condition. Soon after an accident, insurance companies have been known to ask slip and fall victims leading questions so that they inadvertently make confessions that can be used to limit the insurance company’s liability if a lawsuit is filed.

Before giving any statements to an insurance company, it is important that you first speak to an attorney who can advise you of your rights under Arkansas law.

The Home Depot on East Parker Road has an appliance showroom, a bathroom showroom, a garden center, a kitchen cabinet & countertop showroom, tool & truck rentals, and many other departments. The Jonesboro location is just one of over 2,000 stores in the United States that sell home improvement and construction materials in a big box format. Because of the stack of merchandise at each Home Depot store, they are prone to premises liability accident due to fallen products or slip and falls.
While prior verdicts do not guarantee future results, Home Depot is often found liable for customer injuries and often pays out large sums of money in premises liability settlements. Examples of past verdicts include:

  • New Jersey, $975,000 Verdict - A 44-year old man was struck by a stocked cart that was rolling down a hill in a Home Depot parking lot. He suffered a partial vertebral fracture that required a spinal fusion. The lawsuit alleged that Home Depot was not focusing on where their carts were parked and a jury agreed, awarding the man $975,000 with 80% coming from Home Depot and 20% coming from the cart owner
  • Florida, $328,000 Verdict - Carlos Colman Sr. got struck by a large amount of lumber as his cart got stuck on the threshold of a Home Depot exit. Coleman had a herniated disc in his neck, a shoulder impingement that required decompression surgery and other back/neck pain. The jury found that Colman had split responsibility with Home Depot for the accident and took home $164,000 of the $328,000 verdict.
  • New Jersey, $159,125 Verdict - An electrical contractor slipped and fell on a patch of ice near the entrance to a home depot store. The fall led to a torn quadricep requiring surgery. The man claimed that the ice was in the parking lot for a long enough time to reasonably be cleaned up by Home Depot staff and a jury agreed, awarding him $159,125 to cover his medical expenses and lost earnings.

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