Workers Compensation

Can I still receive workers’ compensation benefits if I return to work?

Yes, in most cases, though there may be some changes.

First things first. Be certain to notify your attorney, employer, and insurer when you return to work. Failure to notify may result in serious issues with your right to benefits.

Your new wages may affect the benefits that you receive. If you earn equal or more than before your injury, it is likely that your benefits will cease. However, if you continue to occasionally miss days at work or your earning power remains reduced due to your injury, you may continue to receive benefits. This will vary by state. In addition, most states provide wage-loss benefits, which are based on a percentage that is calculated using your pre- and post-injury earnings.

Remember that in most cases you can still file for workers’ compensation benefits after you’ve returned to work. Be sure to keep careful records of your pay stubs and time lost at work.