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0:00 Local law firm Morgan & Morgan. Morgan & Morgan filed that lawsuit. Now Florida 0:04 law firm Morgan & Morgan. Morgan & Morgan law firm has filed a lawsuit. 0:08 It's our personal opinion, and my personal opinion, that the death of Mr. Cutshaw could have been avoided. 0:13 I think that police officers should not be held to a different standard than another member 0:18 of the community. So, teacher pay is very important and teachers should be 0:23 paid more. They saw their family members leave to 0:26 go to work, never to return. The question is how? You got two big 0:30 questions: how in the world it happened and why in the world wasn't traffic rerouted? 0:39 So, a crash like this is not supposed to be survivable, end of story. 0:44 Companies all too often act out of consequence, not conscience. The NCAA 0:51 is an organization that's totally out of control. This type of event should never, 0:59 ever happen. Today, we've been collecting signatures to raise the minimum wage to 1:09 $15 an hour. This is without question, my last crusade and I'm going to give it 1:16 everything I have and I'm asking Florida to help me.