Justice for David: Their Morgan & Morgan Story


David was plagued with plumbing problems related to cast iron pipes for years, and then he turned to us for help.

This is his story. Morgan & Morgan, ForThePeople.

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For years I mean we've had sewage backup, coming back up through. Well we own a home that was built in the '50s and we really didn't know what was going on, what the deal was. We've had a plumber that's I think I put his kids through college. Then I saw the advertisement on TV for Morgan & Morgan and we called and they were able to come through. The plumbers, the inspectors came out, and they saw our plumbing and once I saw the way the plumbing looked, it was a no-brainer it had to be fixed. It's been going on for a while, we've been there for 12 years we had no idea. I think a lot of people are dealing with this and they probably don't know it. I love Morgan & Morgan. I would tell anybody that I meet that if they need a lawyer, or they need a some advice on this issue for the cast-iron plumbing, or any legal advice, to feel free to call Morgan & Morgan. I thought there were just a bunch of other big attorneys and now I think of Morgan & Morgan like an extension of my family.