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Speaker 1: As the world is going through a pandemic, you shouldn't be afraid to seek the help you deserve. Today, we are talking to Morgan & Morgan Employment Attorney Angeli Murthy. Thanks for joining me today. How has your day-to-day changed since the coronavirus hit the United States? Attorney Angeli Murthy: The day-to-day hasn't changed in terms of what we are trying to do for our clients. The day-to-day has changed in terms of the ways in which that we do the things that we do for our clients, in terms of utilizing technology, doing a lot more things virtually, using the telephone, using video conferences, video mediations to get things done. This is a time when it's a very uncertain and difficult time for a lot of people, us included. At the same time, we feel an obligation, now more than ever, to keep the wheels of justice turning for our clients. Because now is the time that they need us more than they've ever needed us before. We feel a tremendous responsibility to them to make sure that in this, their time of need, particularly when many of them have been laid off of work. I do employment law. This is a time that they've lost their jobs, and maybe they are now able to bring those cases against employers that they were too afraid to bring while they were working there. And although it is, as I said, such a difficult time, we are able to be there, because we do have the tools, and the ability, to keep things moving. I personally consider it a privilege to be able to help people at a time like this. And I think what I would say to everyone out there is that, in these uncertain times, we're here for you. We are keeping the wheels of justice turning for you. We are in this together, and we will get through this together. Speaker 1: Thank you, Angeli, for all you continue to do for those who have no one else to fight for them. In these uncertain times, the law firm you choose matters. Morgan & Morgan, for the people.