Lessons and Experience


Morgan & Morgan Newsroom: Employment Litigation Attorney Angeli Murthy talks about the lessons and experience she brings to her current cases.

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0:00: (bright music) 0:06: (light music) 0:10: Having the experience representing fortune 100 companies 0:13: and other large companies, I can prepare my clients 0:16: for things like their depositions 0:18: in a way that I think is really helpful, 0:22: having been sort of on the inside, behind enemy lines 0:25: (laughing) if you will 0:27: because whenever I've had my clients have to go 0:30: through depositions, they always tell me afterwards 0:32: that what they went through with me was worse 0:36: than what they went through in the actual deposition, 0:38: and that's because I can ask them questions 0:41: like a defense attorney 0:42: and treat them like a defense attorney would 0:45: for purposes of helping them to prepare, 0:48: which I think is really useful. 0:52: (bright music)