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What to Do if Your Information Was Exposed in the T-Mobile Data Breach

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T-Mobile was recently the subject of a massive data breach that exposed the private information of more than 50 million people who signed up for a T-Mobile account. Drivers’ licenses, first and last names, and even social security numbers were exposed to the public, and to make matters worse, T-Mobile is reluctant to disclose which individuals had their information leaked. However, if you’ve ever signed up for a T-Mobile account on their website, you could be a victim of the data breach, even if you’re not a current customer of the company. 

Data breaches are more common than you might think, but there are ways to protect yourself from the repercussions. If your information was exposed by T-Mobile’s negligence, you should:

Change Your T-Mobile Password

Anyone who has created a T-Mobile account is at risk of having their information fall into the wrong hands. If you’ve made an account, your first step should be to change the password immediately. This will prevent any unauthorized access to your account and will protect the information stored in their network. 

Place a Hold on Your Credit

The major credit bureaus allow you to place a temporary hold on your credit report to prevent unauthorized individuals from opening a line of credit in your name. In a similar manner, you should also pay close attention to any bills you receive from your credit card company to determine if there are any fraudulent charges.

Use T-Mobile’s Account Protection Services

T-Mobile does offer account protection services to protect against unauthorized access. One of them is an “Account Takeover Protection,” which prevents an individual from transferring your phone number to a different carrier. However, this service does need to be added to phone numbers individually, so you should make sure that all numbers within your account are signed up for this service to ensure that you’re protected.

Contact Morgan & Morgan

T-Mobile’s failure to disclose its compromised accounts makes it difficult to determine if you’re at risk. However, the best offense is a good defense, and you can potentially save yourself by taking proactive steps today. But if you find that your identity was stolen as a result of T-Mobile’s negligent data protection standards, Morgan & Morgan can help you take action. Contact us today for more information.