Mar 8, 2024

Morgan & Morgan Investigates Claims for Those Impacted by MCNA Dental

Morgan & Morgan Investigates Claims for Those Impacted by MCNA Dental - data breach

Managed Care of North America (MCNA) Dental has announced a data security incident affecting almost 9 million of its patients, and their parents and guardians.  MCNA Dental is one of the largest Medicaid and CHIP dental care and oral health insurance providers in the U.S.

MCNA has indicated that hackers accessed its networks in February of this year.  According to news articles, the hackers seized and exfiltrated patient data and demanded a $10M ransom. When the ransom was not paid, the hackers posted the data on its website for anyone to download. The data included names, birth dates, email addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, Medicaid numbers, and drivers' license numbers - in other words, a wealth of information for criminals to commit identity fraud.

Not only must MCNA's patients, and their parents and guardians, monitor their accounts and credit reports for fraudulent activity, but they should also be on the lookout for phishing emails that use the leaked data to trick recipients into revealing further sensitive information, such as passwords and financial account credentials.

The data privacy attorneys at Morgan & Morgan have led litigation for some of the largest data breach cases in the country. If you or your child were a patient at MCNA, please contact Morgan & Morgan at 855-696-0024 or by completing our free, no-obligation case evaluation form to learn more about your potential claims against MCNA Dental.