Mar 8, 2024

Ford Recalls Over 310,000 Trucks Due to Airbag Issues

Ford Recalls Over 310,000 Trucks Due to Airbag Issues - truck

What: Disconnected airbags in the front and passenger seats.

Who: Ford Motor Co.

Why: Drivers airbag may not deploy due to dust that can be accumulated in the cable inside the steering wheel.

When: In May 2022, Ford announced a recall of 310,000 trucks due to airbag issues. 

Where: The recall only calls for Ford trucks in the United States.

How Can I Identify The Recalled Item?: Drivers can call their dealership or head to the NHTSA's website and enter their car's 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).


Everything You Need To Know About Fords Latest Airbag Recall

In the United States, Ford Motor Co. has recalled over 310,000 of their trucks over an issue with the driver's front airbags. According to the reports, it is feared that the front airbags on the affected trucks may not inflate during a car accident, posing severe injury or even life risks for the drivers. The notice was republished on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration'sAdministration's (NHTSA) website on May 17, 2023; however, the initial recall was made back in 2022. 

Since the announcement of the recall, Ford has said that they are not aware of any crashes or injuries that the airbag problem may have caused. However, they highly advise all known owners of the affected Ford Trucks not to take the vehicles outside until and unless absolutely necessary. The nationwide recall covers the F-250, F-350, F-450, and F-550 Super Duty trucks from the 2016 model year. 

Dust Build-Up Can Block Steering Connection

The auto company has stated that the underlying issue with the airbags may be caused by dust build-up. Due to the dust accumulating on the cable inside the steering wheel, it could potentially cause an interruption of the electrical connection for the airbags, causing the airbags not to inflate during a crash. If this interruption were to take place during an accident, it would pose severe and even life-threatening injuries for the driver. 

Drivers of the mentioned Ford trucks are able to spot the issue as they can hear "popping or clicking" noises going on inside their steering wheels. The problem can also cause the switches in the steering wheel and the horn to malfunction or stop working altogether. Owners can also note the problem by looking out for the airbag warning light on their dash. However, the company pointed out that these issues may still occur without the warning signs being present.


Drivers Can Seek Free Repairs

In the case that you find yourself owning one of the recalled Ford trucks, the auto company has assured their drivers that they will be eligible for repairs at no cost to them. Drivers can find that their dealers across the country will be able to replace their steering wheel wiring assembly, and the parts for repairs should have been made available to them by the first Quarter of 2023.

On July 6, 2022, Ford issued an owner notification letter informing owners of the safety risks surrounding their trucks. Those owners who did not receive the notification are urged to contact Ford Customer Support at 1-866-436-7332 or visit their nearest dealership to receive their free repairs. Ford has listed this recall under the number 22S35. The NHTSA has listed this recall under campaign number: 22V337000.


Airbag Recalls Continue

This is not the first recall the company has made regarding airbags. Recently, Ford and other automakers have been forced to recall thousands of vehicles across the United States due to faulty airbags. After an 8-year-long investigation, the NHTSA reported that cars equipped with the ARC airbag inflators pose a risk to drivers in the case they are involved in a car accident. 

Due to the airbag risk, General Motors issued a recall for nearly 1 million Buick, Chevrolet, and GMC SUVs, including the 2014-2017 Buick Enclave, 2014-2017 Chevrolet Traversa, and the 2014-2017 GMC Acadia. Previous recalls involving ARC airbag inflators included auto companies BMW, Volkswagen, and Ford. Owners of the recalled Ford trucks who have suffered injuries due to the non-deployed airbags or those who have the ARC airbag inflators may be eligible for financial compensation.

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