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Jonesboro Man Dies from Boat-Related Injuries

Boat-Related Injuries

boating accident on Norfolk Lake turned fatal recently, when a Jonesboro man involved in the crash died from injuries he incurred during the accident. The incident underscores the need for boaters eager to take advantage of the warming weather to be careful when out on the water.

Perry Kincade was on the lake fishing in mid-March, when his boat collided with a boat carrying two people, leaving all three in the water, and one boat with a gaping hole, according to local news sources.

The trio was discovered by two fishermen out on their own trip. They found Kincade unconscious in the water with his life jacket on, while the passengers of the other boat were in the water without lifejackets being circled by an empty boat.

The men called 911 immediately, and first responders arrived on the scene shortly after. The local fire department launched a rescue boat that ferried the victims to the closest dock where paramedics were waiting.

Although the passengers in the other boat were lightly injured in the accident, Kincade’s injuries necessitated a helicopter evacuation to a hospital in Springfield, Missouri. Kincade died on March 22, less than a week after he arrived at the hospital.

What prompted the accident is still unknown, and a spokesman for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission told local news sources that it would still be several weeks before they have a completed accident report.

Unfortunately, boating accidents are all too common, and with the summer months approaching they will only happen more frequently. With these accidents come injuries, and those involved in a recreational boating accident might find they need to be compensated for those injuries.

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