Mar 18, 2024

Hurricane Ida Sweeps Through Louisiana and Threatens East Coast

Hurricane Ida Sweeps Through Louisiana and Threatens East Coast

Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana on Sunday, and homeowners across the country are carefully eyeing the storm’s trajectory in hopes that they don’t find themselves in harm’s way. The storm has already cut power in the area and has even redirected the flow of the Mississippi River, which raises flooding concerns for those who live nearby. Residents of Louisiana were told to evacuate the area, but unfortunately, you can’t run from property damage, and someone will have to foot the bill of Ida’s destruction.

Insurance companies have to handle a high volume of incoming policy claims after a hurricane, but that doesn’t mean that you should receive a lower compensation amount than you deserve. That’s why you need Morgan & Morgan. Our Insurance Recovery Group has a history of recovering full claim payouts in storms like Hurricane Irma, Michael, Dorian, and Andrew. If you sustained property damage during hurricane Ida or any other serious weather event, check out our storm guide and other resources on

What Makes Hurricane Ida So Dangerous?

Hurricane Katrina made landfall on August 29th, 2005; 16 years to the day before Hurricane Ida. The similarities between the two storms are strikingly similar, but Ida was a category stronger than Katrina was when its 150 mph winds reached Louisiana shores on Sunday. Fortunately, the storm was downgraded to category 1 after moving further inland, but that still could cause issues for property owners within the trajectory of the storm.

The high winds, in combination with extensive rainfall, have already caused widespread property damage in Louisiana and Mississippi. Power outages are also a concern, as the repair will likely take some time and force individuals to endure the heat of summer months without access to air conditioning. Although the storm isn’t as powerful as it once was, anyone who lives within Ida’s path should take preventative measures to stay safe and avoid property damage.

How Can an Attorney Help After a Hurricane?

Insurance providers often bear the expense of disastrous weather events, and in some cases, will pay their clients less than they deserve to protect their own finances. You’ve paid for your contract, and to find out that your provider isn’t paying you the full value of your claim because they can’t afford it is unacceptable. However, by teaming up with an experienced attorney, you can advocate for your situation and fight for the compensation warranted by your contract.

Morgan & Morgan’s Insurance Recovery Group has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of property owners after disastrous weather. Our attorneys understand that a hurricane can damage more than just your residence and can assist you in recovering the full extent of the damage you sustained, including lost possessions, business income, and displacement expenses. You want your recovery to move as swiftly as possible, and our attorneys can help you recover the compensation you need to get back on your feet.

There’s Only One Morgan & Morgan

Hurricane Ida is no regular storm. If you or someone you know have sustained property damage as a result of the extreme weather, you’ll need more than the average law firm. Visit for more information on how to stay protected and recover the full value of the damage.