May 24, 2024

How to Stay Safe and Avoid Wet Floors Slip and Fall Accidents

Yellow caution wet floor sign near the edge of a swimming pool at a resort, with lounge chairs and a building in the background

Most people know that a wet floor is dangerous, but they may not realize just how common it is to slip and trip on a wet floor. If you or someone you know has been seriously injured in wet floors slip and fall accidents, you may not realize that you could have grounds to recover compensation. An attorney may be necessary to evaluate your legal rights and to tell you more about the opportunity to recover compensation for your injuries, but your decision to speak with a dedicated lawyer may also help you to recover compensation. Identification of potentially liable parties is not always an easy matter. It may be hard for you to determine whether or not someone else is liable for wet floor slip and fall accident injuries. In most cases where you can show that a property owner knew or should have known about a serious obstacle or dangerous condition, you can use this information to open a negligence claim against them. 

Most people are shocked to discover that their slip and fall injuries from a wet floor may last for a long period of time. You may simply feel as though it was embarrassing to slip and fall or trip and fall on a company's property, but if you can show that the company knew about that hazard and failed to take action, or had every reason to be aware of the hazard and failed to take any corrective action or place any warning signs, you may use these details in your premises liability claim.


Why You Need a Doctor?

If you've been hurt in a serious premises liability accident, you deserve to have someone evaluate you. You might not feel any symptoms at the scene of th eaccident, but it could be hours later that you realize your back or ankle is throbbing. Going to the doctor now rules out more serious injuries and starts a medical record of how the slip and fall affected you. It's far better to rule out more serious injuries early on. If your doctor does find something, you'll be able to start treatment sooner. 

Your medical records may ultimately show up in your premises liability claim, so it's important to continue treatment based on your doctor's orders. If the other side tries to argue that you were not that seriously hurt, you'll need that information in order to open a legal claim and take your next steps. Your premises liability attorneys can help explain this and other aspects of evidence in your wet floors slip and fall accidents claim.


What is Premises Liability?

Premises liability claims are based on the theory that a property owner or manager has a legal duty of care to visitors to maintain safe conditions throughout their property. Most people who are seriously hurt in a wet floor slip and fall accident did not see the liquid on the floor and fall because they were moving at a fast speed. This can mean that you injure many different parts of your body and that you may not be able to go back to work or live your life as you did prior to the accident. This can be shocking for an accident victim, which is why it is so important to identify attorneys for wet floor slip and fall accidents immediately. 

The lawyers at Morgan & Morgan have extensive experience in researching, investigating and pursuing wet floor slip and fall accidents. In many cases, we are able to resolve premises liability claims outside of court in settlement negotiations. However, we are also strong fighters in court when advocating for our clients and the injuries they have sustained. Anyone who has been hurt in wet floor slip and fall accidents should communicate with our legal team as soon as possible to discuss potential compensation. We know that it can be overwhelming to sustain an injury in wet floor slip and fall accidents, but we take each case seriously.


Why Is Someone Else Responsible For My Wet Floor Slip And Fall Accident?

There are many places where liquid can cause serious injuries in an accident. For example, something can spill in a grocery store, or people can track in snow, ice and rain on their shoes and create wet floor circumstances. Although you may assume that vehicle accidents are the number one cause of injuries across the United States, the second leading cause is slip and fall accidents. You may have noticed a warning sign on a property stating that the floor was wet and slippery but may not have thought much of it. These warning signs, however, are extremely important for preventing serious injuries for people. 

Every year 460 people pass away from wet floor slip and fall injuries. People who are unable to catch themselves can strike their heads and sustain traumatic brain injuries, concussions, bleeding on the brain and more. Never underestimate the potential impact of wet floor slip and fall accidents, as this could render severe impacts on your life and make it hard for you to go back to work or to recover fully. No one wants to live through the experience of going through a wet floor slip and fall accident, but if this has happened to you, it is important to realize that this is not always your fault.

 If you can show that someone else knew about this risk or had every reason to be aware of the risk, then these details should be used to form the basis of your premises liability claim. Wet floor slip and fall accidents should always be followed by gathering evidence such as videos, photos, details about the time and location of the accident, and contact information for eyewitnesses. This information may be used later in your wet floor slip and fall accidents lawsuit. Even if you can show that the property owner could have taken a simple step such as putting up a warning sign and failed to do so, they may be found responsible for your injuries.


How Do I Prove Liability?

In most cases, the concept of liability comes down to reasonableness. For example, a grocery story owner would have a reasonable responsibility to see and to remove a wet floor hazard in a timely fashion. This could be accomplished by having a customer report the wet floor, someone seeing it on the security cameras, or an employee notifying over the loud system. From there, someone should come clean up the wet floor or at least clear the dangerous area until cleanup happens. 

Owners of businesses must be aware of their premises and especially must respond if someone notifies them of a slip and fall risk. Regardless of whether they knew directly about the obstacle or the wet floor itself, you may still be able to argue that the owner or property manager maintains the legal responsibility for your injuries. 

A prompt investigation with the help of qualified premises liability lawyers can make the difference. Make sure that you hire Morgan and Morgan as soon as possible after you suffer in a wet floor accident. If you've been critically hurt, your focus should be on your treatments and rehabilitation. The stress of dealing with your injuries in the legal system may be too much for you, and it can impede your progress with your physical recovery. That's why you should turn over your legal claim to the attorneys at Morgan and Morgan. We'll help explain the whole process to you and explain what's involved on your end as we go forward.

You'll get the peace of mind that our dedicated wet floors slip and fall accidents lawyers are working on your behalf to get you justice and the funds you need. While every slip and fall case is unique, the team at Morgan and Morgan has worked behind the scenes with clients for years, advocating for their needs and preparing strong cases for settlement conversations or trial.


What If No Wet Floor Sign Was Present?

If you've been hurt in a slip and fall, you could be eligible for compensation for your accident simply because the property owner did not notify you about the dangerous condition. Warning signs are essential for notifying people that they need to take extra precaution especially in busy places such as shopping malls, business lobbies, and grocery stores. 

In the event that an employee has failed to place a wet floor sign while the area was being cleaned up, the store could be held liable for injuries sustained by victims. Businesses should always train employees on how to use wet floor signs properly but plenty of them do not. Some of the most common injuries connected to wet floor slip and fall accidents include back injuries, neck injuries, brain injuries, knee injuries and more. Identifying the possible liable parties is extremely important for preparing a claim for compensation. 

If you find yourself in this circumstance and are trying to figure out your next steps, you need to be prepared to consult with a qualified and knowledgeable lawyer. The experienced attorneys at Morgan & Morgan know what it takes to recover compensation and have extensive experience in working with victims who have sustained anything from moderate to severe injuries. Knowing that you're not alone and that you have a dedicated and qualified attorney in your corner can make a big difference in your recovery of compensation, as well as how you feel about proceeding with your lawsuit.