Mar 8, 2024

Florida Hospital Falls Victim to Possible Ransomware Attack

Florida Hospital Falls Victim to Possible Ransomware Attack - data breach

On Friday, February 3, 2023, a primary hospital system in northern Florida informed staff that they would be diverting some emergency room patients as well as canceling all nonessential surgeries after the hospital's system experienced a security problem with their information technology. 

Representatives from The Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Facility said the issues had begun affecting its systems late Thursday night and had forced the hospital to shut down its IT network. According to their findings, all fingers pointed to this being a ransomware attack. However, the hospital has yet to characterize it as such, instead labeling it an "IT security issue." 

As mentioned previously in a statement from the hospital, all non-emergency patient appointments or procedures have been canceled or rescheduled, and some of the patients that were in the emergency rooms at the time have been diverted. While many of the emergency room patients have been moved, the hospital currently has no plans to move their other patients to other facilities.

What Does This Mean for My Information?

According to the hospital's website, the hospital, headquartered in Tallahassee, provides healthcare across 21 counties in northern Florida and parts of southern Georgia as well. On the hospital's blog, a representative said that they have been working closely with law enforcement to better understand how this possible ransomware attack happened and what information, if any, was stolen. 

"This is an active, ongoing investigation," the blog states. "We contacted law enforcement when this incident occurred, and we continue to work with the appropriate law enforcement agencies. We are also working with third-party experts to assist in the investigation." While things are still uncertain, the hospital says it is unclear when it will be safe to have their systems back up and running. 

Emsisoft, a New Zealand-based anti-virus software distribution company, said over the last year, there have been 25 reports of ransomware attacks involving hospitals or hospital systems--a growing and valid concern for those patients and medical staff alike. For more updates regarding the status of the hospital systems, you can read more on their blog here

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