Feb 15, 2024

A Different Kind of Comeback – Chandler Parsons

A Different Kind of Comeback – Chandler Parsons

For Chandler Parsons, life was a whirlwind of success and ambition—until one fateful day changed everything. At the pinnacle of his basketball career, the NBA player faced a traumatic collision caused by a drunk driver that left him grappling with injuries, shattered dreams, and an uncertain future.

"I had never been in a crash before. It all happened so fast, and, honestly, I thought I had died," Chandler reflects on the life-altering moment that interrupted his journey home from practice, transforming his once-thriving career into a battle for recovery.

As a professional athlete, Chandler’s health is the key to his success, and his injuries were casting a shadow over the bright trajectory he once envisioned. 

"I knew, with my injuries, that I wasn't going to be able to play. That was my biggest fear."

In the midst of despair, Chandler found solace and support in an unexpected ally—Morgan & Morgan. Recognizing the need for justice, Chandler made what he describes as "the best phone call" of his life. "I knew if there was one firm to get me justice, it was going to be Morgan & Morgan," he emphasizes.

"Having my career cut short by a drunk driver was the worst part of my life. It was always my dream to play in the NBA, and my future was bright, and I never thought I'd retire at 31 years old, but Morgan & Morgan has definitely really helped me," Chandler acknowledges.

Through the tough and uncertain journey, Morgan & Morgan provided unwavering support, walking Chandler through the legal process and becoming a source of comfort when basketball, his constant companion, was momentarily absent. "In the toughest, darkest moments of my life, those guys were there for me, and I'll never forget that."

While justice couldn't restore his playing days or perfect health, it became a beacon of closure and a testament to Chandler's resilience. "Obviously, I'd rather be playing basketball and living out my dream. They can't ever get me basketball back or perfect health back again, but we got justice," Chandler affirms.

"I would strongly recommend Morgan & Morgan. The way they took care of me, how professional they were, just the genuine love, the support, Morgan & Morgan are unbelievable, what they do. They're sharp. They're smart. They're professional. They'll do what's right for you."