Feb 28, 2024

Client Stories: Lisa from Jacksonville


Lisa from Jacksonville

Lisa was already having trouble adjusting to life in Florida after she moved there from Maine. Then she was involved in a car accident, and things just got harder.

An older gentleman ran through a red light and hit her Toyota Highlander and another vehicle. Her Highlander was totaled, and she suffered injuries that left her in pain for more than three months. To make matters worse, Progressive Insurance played hardball with her damage and injury claims. They wouldn’t even cover her rental car costs.

This led her to the Morgan & Morgan team of attorney Jason Miller, paralegal Heather Gilbert, and case manager Catherine Faulk. Her team went to work for her right away, and despite major resistance from Progressive, was able to secure the $50,000 she needed to get back on her feet.

Every step along the way, her team was there for her. They answered her questions, kept her updated, and always treated her and her case with the respect and seriousness they deserved.

A great wrong was righted, and now Lisa doesn’t feel like an outsider anymore. She hopes she never needs that kind of legal assistance again, but if she does, she knows who she’s gonna call!