Mar 8, 2024

1.9M YETI® Soft Coolers and Gear Cases Recalled Due to Hazardous Magnet Ingestion Risk

1.9M YETI® Soft Coolers and Gear Cases Recalled Due to Hazardous Magnet Ingestion Risk - cooler

On March 9, 2023, in cooperation with Health Canada and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), YETI®, the American manufacturer specializing in outdoor products, recalled nearly 1.9 million of their products. In the recall notice posted earlier this month, YETI® is recalling their soft coolers and gear cases after receiving multiple reports regarding a design flaw on the bags that created an ingestion hazard. 

The products included in the recall involve the YETI® Hopper M20 Soft Backpack Cooler, Hopper M30 Soft Cooler 1.0 and 2.0, and the SideKick Dry Gear Case, all of which were sold in multiple colors. The recall reports that the issues with the products revolve around the primary pocket closures on the bags. These closures are lined with high-powered magnets that are enclosed in a heat-sealed strip. The safety risks come directly from the closures, as they can fail and result in the magnets detaching and pose a risk of serious injury or even death if ingested.

According to a statement released by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, when two or more high-powered magnets are ingested into your system, they can attract toward one another or toward another magnetic or metal object. The magnets can then get lodged in your digestive system. Once stuck, they can tear holes, create twisting, or cause blockage in your intestines. Other issues caused by ingested magnets include infection, blood poisoning, and even death. 

Thankfully, there have yet to be any reports of magnet ingestion or injuries. However, YETI® has received 1,399 reports of the magnetic closures failing or deteriorating over time. Reports have also mentioned that the magnets inside the closures over time have either detached or gone missing altogether. The recall also asks consumers to stop using the recalled products immediately and to contact YETI® for a complete refund or replacement product. 

How to Know Which YETI® Products Have Been Recalled

As previously mentioned, 1.9 million YETI® products were recalled due to a magnet ingestion hazard. The defective products were sold nationwide from March 2018 to January 2023 at retail stores like Dick's Sporting Goods, ACE Hardware, Academy Sports + Outdoors, and YETI®. The products were also available online on YETI's® website and through Amazon. 

For your convenience, we've gone ahead and listed the specific products that are included in this recall, as well as their product number or SKU.

Hopper M20

  • Hopper M20 Backpack Charcoal: 18050125001
  • Hopper M20 Backpack Navy: 18050125002
  • Hopper M20 Backpack Navy Bimini Pink: 18060131041
  • Hopper M20 Backpack Navy: Alpine Yellow: 18060131040
  • Hopper M20 Backpack Navy: Nordic Blue: 18060131120
  • Hopper M20 Backpack Navy: Nordic Purple: 18060131101

Hopper M30 1.0

  • Hopper M30 1.0 Charcoal: 18025160000
  • Hopper M30 1.0 Navy: 18025180000
  • Hopper M30 1.0 River Green: 18025170000
  • Hopper M30 1.0 Coral: 18060131040
  • Hopper M30 1.0 Sagebrush Green: 18025190000
  • Hopper M30 1.0 Aquifer Blue: 18025200000
  • Hopper M30 1.0 King Crab Orange: 18060130055

Hopper M30 2.0

  • Hopper M30 2.0 Charcoal: 18060130091
  • Hopper M30 2.0 Navy: 18060130090
  • Hopper M30 2.0 Bimini Pink: 18060131053
  • Hopper M30 2.0 Alpine Yellow: 18060131053
  • Hopper M30 2.0 Nordic Blue: 18060131119
  • Hopper M30 2.0 Nordic Purple: 18060131100

SideKick Dry

  • SideKick Dry Fog Gray: 18060130003
  • SideKick Dry Field Tan: 18060130004
  • SideKick Dry Charcoal: 18060130018
  • SideKick Dry Coral: 18060130031
  • SideKick Dry Navy: 18050125050
  • SideKick Dry River Green: 18050130001
  • SideKick Dry Sagebrush Green: 18060130041
  • SideKick Dry Harvest Red: 26010000171
  • SideKick Dry Highlands Olive: 26010000191
  • SideKick Dry Alpine Yellow: 18060131059
  • SideKick Dry Bimini Pink: 18060131060
  • SideKick Dry Nordic Blue: 18060131123
  • SideKick Dry Nordic Purple: 18060131114

In order to submit a claim for your recalled YETI® products, visit their website at for complete instructions on how you can return the defective cooler or gear. Once you have completed the recall form, YETI® is offering free returns, as well as a free suggested replacement product of equal or greater value. If you are not interested in the suggested item, they are also offering a full refund through a YETI® gift card that will include an additional $25 at no cost to you. 

If you believe you have a recalled YETI® product or that you were injured because of your YETI® product, you may be entitled to compensation. 

For more information regarding this case, you can connect with one of our attorneys today by completing our free, no-obligation case evaluation form.