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How to Hire the Best Workers’ Comp Attorney Near Me

Workers’ compensation insurance provides benefits to those injured at work and to families whose loved ones died in a work accident. Benefits available to workers and their families can include:

  •       Coverage of medical bills
  •       Compensation of lost income
  •       Vocational benefits
  •       Death benefits

Pursuing workers’ comp payments can be challenging and time-consuming. An insurance company or employer can try to minimize or even deny your claim. However, you do not have to struggle on your own. If your workers’ comp claim is too complex or if you received a denial letter for your claim, consider hiring the best workers’ comp attorneys near you.
At Morgan & Morgan, we understand that work injuries can have devastating physical, emotional, and financial consequences. Our tenacious workers' comp lawyers can fight for the benefits you need to put your life back together. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. 

How to Find the Best Workers’ Comp Lawyers in Your Area

If you have suffered significant injuries in a work accident, hiring a lawyer with experience and a successful track record can be beneficial. Good starting points for finding an experienced workers’ comp lawyer can include:

  •       Searching online for workers’ comp lawyers near you
  •       Asking friends and co-workers for referrals
  •       Reviewing testimonials from previous clients

Once you have a list of potential attorneys or law firms, schedule some free consultations to get to know them better. Questions you could ask at the first consultation can include:

  •       Have you dealt with claims like mine before?
  •       Will you handle my claim from beginning to end?
  •       What is your experience with workers’ comp claims?
  •       Do you work on a “no-win-no-fee” basis, without upfront fees?

When hiring an attorney, listening to your gut feeling can be essential for finding the right match. An attorney or law firm could tick all the boxes on paper but might not be the best choice for you. If you leave the first consultation hopeful and uplifted, feeling that your questions and concerns were addressed honestly and openly, you most likely found a good match.

Injuries in Workers’ Comp Claims

A workplace accident involving catastrophic injuries can change an individual’s entire life in one split second. A fatal workplace injury can take a loved one in their prime years away from their family. Figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show that one worker died from a workplace injury every 99 minutes in 2019.
According to the BLS, the most common workplace injuries in 2019 were sprains, tears, and strains. Our determined attorneys can handle all types of injuries in workers’ comp claims, including but not limited to:

  •       Fractures
  •       Head and brain injuries
  •       Cuts and lacerations
  •       Herniated discs and other back injuries
  •       Injuries due to inhalation of toxic fumes

While some work injuries such as sprains and strains may not be serious or permanently disabling, they can still result in absences from work and lead to steep medical bills, income loss, and other expenses.  

Work-Related Conditions

Not all injuries happen due to accidents on the job. Workers can also be affected by long-term work-related conditions such as repetitive strain injuries. Poor posture, repeated heavy lifting, and repetitive hand or wrist movements can all lead to painful chronic conditions and injuries.  

The Most Dangerous Industries

Injuries can potentially occur in all types of workplaces, including in offices and retail environments. However, workers in the construction and transportation industries are particularly vulnerable to experiencing serious accidents. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), workplaces with the largest number of fatal injuries in 2019 included:

  •       Construction
  •       Transportation
  •       Warehousing
  •       Agriculture and forestry

If you sustained significant injuries at your job or a loved one died in a work accident, consult with one of our responsive and compassionate workers’ comp attorneys near you today. We deal with all kinds of work accidents and injuries and can determine your next best steps for recovering what you deserve.

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