Truck Accidents

Were you or a loved one harmed in a semi-truck accident? If so, Morgan and Morgan is here to help. 

Our experienced attorneys handle truck accident cases frequently and know the damage they can cause our clients. The repercussions may be traumatic, leaving you feeling helpless and out of control. Semi-trucks are dangerous, and the aftermath of such a large accident is brutal, affecting you or your loved one physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

Not only that, but it’s common for greedy insurance companies to make this feeling worse, denying claims and manipulating the situation in their favor. Morgan and Morgan won’t stand for this unfair treatment. 

We empathize with the position you are in; with over thirty years of experience under our belt, we also know the proper steps to help you and your family get your lives back. Our verdicts say it all: we know what it takes to get the settlement you deserve.

Do not get bullied into accepting insurance companies’ lowball offers. Fill out our free case evaluation form today.  

What You Need To Know  

Semi-truck accidents are different from your average auto accident. Not only because of the severe aftermath but also because of its complicated legalities. Commercial trucks are backed by companies that have large insurance policies—fifty times larger than your car accident policies—because they know the probability of getting into an accident is higher. A semi-truck weighs roughly eighty thousand pounds and is ten times bigger than your average car. They are usually transporting hazardous materials, making it that much more dangerous for reckless driving. One negligent driver can alter someone’s life forever.

Furthermore, although these trucks have beefy insurance policies, getting the claim you deserve is actually more difficult than you’d expect. Adjusters will even go the extra mile to offer you a large payout when really your case could be twice as much as what they’re offering. It’s not only unfair but also immoral.

How an Attorney Will Help

Our specialized lawyers know the tactics used by insurance companies and have developed a step-by-step process, ensuring that your case will be well presented:

  • Documentation: first, we gather all of the information we need, including camera footage, medical records, and police and accident report from the accident.
  • Investigation: second, we go into greater detail and obtain more evidence, such as witness testimonies, police and accident reports, and medical records. We then tap into our network, interviewing medical experts and consulting truck accident experts. We also gather important evidence from the truck company and driver which entails alcohol and drug screening, as well as obtaining data from the truck’s camera (Electronic Control Module).
  • Negotiation: finally, we present all of the evidence we have along with an argument catered to your case. 

If we can’t settle on the compensation you deserve, we will go to court. But don’t worry, our jury verdicts are, on average, 20 times higher than the pre-trial settlement offers. Compensation from settlements will cover you or your loved one’s current and future medical bills, loss of wages or capability of earning wages, and pain and suffering, mental anguish, wrongful death, and loss of consortium—and even in some cases, punitive damages. 

Morgan & Morgan

We know this is a trying time, to say the least, but at Morgan & Morgan, we work for the People and don’t get paid unless you win. Get you and your family’s life back on track: hire an experienced, dedicated attorney by calling Morgan & Morgan at 877.667.426 or request a free case evaluation online.

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