Attorney Most Common Cause of Car Accidents

Most Common Cause of Car Accidents

Every year, approximately 6 million car accidents take place in the United States. The vast majority of these crashes are the result of human error. Here are five of the most common causes.

Distracted Driving

Car accidents and distracted driving go hand in hand. In fact, distractions are a factor in an astounding 80% of all auto accidents, according to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study. Distracted driving comes in many forms, including:

  • Using a Phone: Of the activities that fall under the umbrella of distracted driving, cellphone usage is the most dangerous. Talking on the phone is the riskiest behavior, although texting, playing games, and browsing the internet also pose danger to everyone on the road.
  • Eating: Any action that diverts the driver’s attention, such as eating, can be problematic.
  • Setting the GPS: Many drivers rely on GPS or a maps app, but it’s important to set the destination before putting the vehicle in motion.
  • Talking: Although it may feel rude not to hold a conversation with a passenger, talking takes the driver’s attention away from the task at hand.

Drunk Driving

Every year, drinking and driving claims thousands of American lives. In fact, more than 10,000 people died in alcohol-impaired crashes in 2016 alone, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Be sure to hand your keys to a sober friend and hitch a ride home after a night of drinking.


In 2017, speeding accounted for more than a quarter of all traffic fatalities, per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Remember that speed limits are not intended to be a burden but rather a protection for all drivers.

Reckless Driving

Aggressive maneuvers such as changing lanes quickly or without looking can cut off other drivers and lead to serious or fatal accidents.


When the weather gets bad, so do the roads. Rain creates slick and dangerous surfaces for vehicles of all kinds and can cause them to skid or spin out of control. It’s important to drive with extra caution in wet conditions.

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